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Artist: 40 Cal.
Album:  Broken Safety 2
Song:   40 Cals
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[40 Cal. talking]
It's 40! (40)
Uh! y'all like my intro (yea)
Then you gon' love the rap (love this rapper)
I'm officially nice

[40 Cal.]
Nigga bring your calvary, cause Cal is me
Is a techni-cality, you'll lose calories
From my calibar, carrry the, comp to the hospital
When he date your calendars, flip it on y'all who copy cal
Watch me now, rock the crown, now one
Smooth like the lotion, you miss me when cal gone
It's the set, you know we real, my weapons only steel
Cause like Evander we give niggas the Holyfield
I told G chill but he had to go
So I grip the calico, let the shit blow like calidro
The 40 cali go, hard like calculus
Your boy carry burners so large I get calluses
So pass the calamine, this aint a battle rhyme
Your moms put my name on her behind like Calvin Kline
For the thousandth time you see cal spitting
Why these juniors after my name like Cal Ripken
From, California, the cal-cutter
I got that dust called tical you gotta say my style butter
Brown color, the white like calcium
Niggas tryin to scheme on my brothers, but cal see them
Be on the ground leaking, your bowels and guts
Will be the same dude speaking, like Calvin Butt
Who be at his wake, preacher Reverend Calvin Butt
You a G cause you touched for a thousand bucks, WHAT!
Call me Calhoun, with the ex-caliber
Think the pen almighty than the sword then I challenger
Cause off the calendar I'm calling out haters
Cause I Bomb up your turf, call me 40 cal-qaeda
To calculate mine you need four calculaters
I get money for real word to my daughter Calasia
I'm, so lyri-cal, y'all is spiri-cal
Well I'm raping the track, you can call me Mr. Cal
Or Mysti-cal, with that cha cha bow
This the 40 cal rap the next one is 50 cal

[40 Cal. talking]
Rewind this, count
That's 40 Cals for you niggas (40 cals for you niggas)
40, 40
I told you niggas man
Y'all want to be me (y'all want to be me)
You got to do the things I do (things I do)
Ya Dig
Next time I see you dig its a ditch
40, DipSet
Okay Dope Boy (okay dope boy)