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Artist: 2nd II None f/ AMG, DJ Quik, Hi-C
Album:  2nd II None
Song:   Comin' Like This
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[Gangsta D]
Let's drop it on the - one, now that the fun begun
with my crew, now let me tell all the hoes what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna getcha big booty butt-naked
Cause the exactly when you listen to me wreck it
The shirt comes off, the panties come down
The suckas in the park, yeah, jack me rhymin sounds
HEY! Cause they know the D, would never be a loser
Step back and watch me do the
funky funky dope shit, now you want another hit
You can't stop all the shit we drop
Because me love girls good, me love girls great
Me always bustin out they uncrushed grapes
Because me flow like now, me love reggae style
Me jams get pushed to the top of de pile
You never see me struggle, though sometimes me tense
So we rather come like this

Say we comin like this y'all, yeah ("Comin like this")
I said, we comin like this y'all, yeah ("Comin like this")
I said, we comin like this y'all, yeah ("Comin like this")
I said, we comin like this y'all, yeah ("Comin like this")
I said, we comin like this y'all, yeah ("Comin like this")
I said, we comin like this y'all, yeah ("Comin like this")
I said, we comin like this y'all, yeah ("Comin like this")
I said, we comin like this, like this, like this, like this y'all

[DJ Quik]
Well I'm smooth with a club groove, provin that I can keep on flowin
Lyrics to the rhythm like a ride without my tongue tied
I'm chillin with the D, KK, and AMG
and the P-E-N-T-H-O-U-S-E
You'll see a whole 'nother different other side of me
Cause dissin don't apply to me
I'll snap my fingers twice and like a bird, your bitch'll fly to me
Because she's overwhelmed, you know I kick the realm when I kick it
My name is Quik and that's the ticket 
Now let me stick it, like I figured, my voice it musta triggered
A hormone in your girl, now she's squirmin like a squirrel
To kiss you on the cheek is rather bleek
I'd rather rub my hand down way up in ya pants and make ya squeek
So speak, up if I kick another track to keep you comin back
Cause clubs keep pumpin it and suckas steadily dubbin it
But I'ma keep rubbin it on the scratch pad 
Makin suckas mad enough to pinch a bitch because we're comin like this


AMG is the name, hoes is the game
I love the money and the fame but I'm still the same
In the Jeep with a little freak and a funky beat
Goin to the let 'em, so I can give 'em the jimmy
And when I'm done cumin, I'ma go to another mo'
and meet another hoe, for a fuck and put her in the buck
I got a fat dick for a kitty kat, I do it from the back
to let her know, I'm a 3-0-4 and yo
I kiss it and I rub it, the freaky hoes love it
But if you ain't my bitch, don't think that I'ma suck it
And word to the ding-a-ling that I'ma swing and then
Pick up Janice so she can suck my dick again
I bet you I'll never kiss, a hoe I never trust
I'm AMG baby and bitch bust a bus
So put ya money where you mouth is, hoe, sealed with a dick
Dick cheese comin like THIIIIIIIS~!

Bitches loosen up for the buttfuck!
Throw yo' legs in the air, you're about to get bucked
C-C-Crawford come crazy like a convict
If I rip, I talk shit to make a hoe sick!
Rub my dick, make a wish, it might come/cum true
Your pussy stinkin, don't be thinkin I'ma eat you
When I fart, you fall apart, a nigga got gas {*pbbt*}
I won't lie, a whore cry, I give her whiplash
Pull a jack for a fact, me an K'll get lucky
Snatch a hoe purse and we're headed for Kentucky
Chicken and biscuits, rice and gravy
Nigga, we too crazy! Hoes, you can't fade me
No joke, when I poke, I could go express
I bet the pussy hole SMOKE ten strokes or less
Hoes around my dick, slippin and slidin
Yo, I won't MISS, trick bitch! I'd rather come like this


Yo, I started off in this race at the sound of a gun
At the end of my chase, placed +2nd II None+
Lookin for a hoe so a nigga like the K can just
stroll, straight through, I'm sippin on a booze
Gettin tipsy, lookin for a trick who wanna dip me
in her Kool-Aid - BITCH~! It's time to get paid
So I just laid out, some niggaz shoulda stayed out the game
(They try to play you?) No, they just got played out!
Let's get back to this funky track
It's the KK, fool, and it's just like that
But I'm ready, because I know it's punks out there 
who wanna blaze me, you just want attention, y'all don't faze me
Cause I'ma slang my thangs when it's time to bang (uh-huh)
Some got it made by my change then they couldn't hang
So a bitch overran a B and I did ya
and I SMOOTH came in ya, just like this