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Artist: 2Pac (Makaveli) f/ Tha Dogg Pound, Gonzoe, Kausion
Album:  Hit 'Em Up II
Song:   In This Life I Lead
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[Intro: Tupac]
In this motherfucking life I lead, shit!
Hell of motherfucking road blocks and crooked cops
We still ride though, what side? WESTside

[Verse One: Tupac]
I want money in large amounts, my garage full of cars that bounce
Moving my tapes in major weight cause every dollar counts
Busters is jealous and half these niggaz is punks
They're running off at the mouth til I fill it up with my pump
They jump; my automatic keep them wary
Why you fronting like you really bad-ass? - nigga you're scary
I been knowing you for years, we was high school peers, in junior high
I was itching to kill, and you was, ready to die
While you're bullshitting, niggaz was dying and catching cases
Busting my automatics at motherfuckers in foreign places
Leaving no trace, they see my face and they buried
Them bitches die in a hurry, still I ride, I'm never worried
Mr. Makaveli tell me to ride, and I'ma ride
Pick my enemies out the crowd, and motherfuckers die
It's not the way I wanna live, my nigga it's how it is
Homey got into a fight last night, that killed his kids

[Chorus: Tupac]
In this life I lead, fiend for currency, get high off weed
Collect G's make my enemies bleed
When you see me nigga holla at my set, and watch them ride
Outlaw motherfuckers til we die, in this life I lead
Fiend for currency, get high off weed
Collect G's make my enemies bleed
When you see me nigga holla at my set, and watch them ride
Outlaw motherfuckers til we die, in this life I lead

[Verse Two: Kausion] + (Tupac)
I stopped to think, rolling a Philly up full of dank (Yeah nigga)
Pouring the remaining of my Remy Martin down the sink (What you're doing nigga?)
Back to get dressed, grab my strap in case I'm tested
Chronic and Stress, await the bitch to clean my mess
Wishing I was sober not fucked up, with a hangover (Yeah nigga)
The homie just released, so the whole hood came over (Westside!!)
The west side bash, they're piecing on dime bags (You know how we do it)
Macking in the living room, shaking that ass 
Talking fast to whores, we pros at what we do (What's up?)
It's on and popping once we get this bitch full of brew (Yeah nigga)
I knew some shit might crack so we strapped and all thick
Swerving the niggaz I see, who ain't invited to this shit
Give a Fuck! the life I live, that's how it is
Fuck around you will be crying, missing your kids
HUH! my destiny in this motherfucking game; 
(Kausion in this motherfucker, that's right!)
Is either to get rich or die


[Verse Three: Daz Dillinger]
When they see that nigga Daz they say I'm dangerous
In this strange world; be leave who just don't give a fuck
I mean I stroke with the intentions, cutting it up like I supposed to
My job is to protect and rob and serve you
Who hold the genius? - we're done lock Death Row as prison
Heaters gotta get served til none has left breathing (Yeah!)
What I'm achieving, smoking weed and fucking whores
Ain't going nowhere, no man is going to strive, be on a stroll
I gotta make it happen everyday and all day (Yeah!)
I gotta make my hustle and come back with big pay
Tear up the spot lay, creating ruckus when I touch down
Who got my back when they put the attack down?
So I lay out cold, petrified, terrified
Barely alive, come again with niggaz start to ride
With the Outlawz and Pounders, blast, I'm clowning on three
Nigga you're my motherfucking enemy (What?)


[Verse Four: Kurupt]
That's right! - that's right! Terrordome, where it's on
From selling dope, coke, to crack
Young Gotti, entered the party from the back (What's up Kurupt?)
Instant pay; I gots to do it my way
Deserve to swerve on the highway 
Cause the spot is sown from Monday to Friday
Nigga try me, I like the Indica and Ty Weed
Define me, Young Gotti, when I be high as the sky be
Verbal homicide, be ready to rupture
Making moves to touch ya, disassembles your whole structure
I make this money, cause that's all I know how to make
That's all I learned when I was young, no hesitation or mistakes
I see a pot, filled with nothing but rocks and knots
Midnight complexion, glocks to shake spots (Boom!)
To see my people, so they already assume I live illegal (What?)
But they assume too soon
I got a tree for every bitch on the street
I role with beat, I got a problem, I got a fixation for heat

[Verse Five: Gonzoe]
The life I live is treacherous, no one stands next this 
But still motherfuckers be trying to fetch this
Nutty nigga ripping Z.T. to your set
Unloading Two Two Threes until your ass breathes death
Nigga, East Side, Oakland, no joking, we kick up dust
No remorse, so you and your boys can suck these Nuts
Extended clips left his nose sanded, I'm right handed 
But when it comes to the pistol bumping; I'm both handed

[Chorus: Until fade]