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Artist: Zu Ninjaz
Album:  Elements (S)
Song:   Elements
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Kung fu sample]
The ninja was an ancient Chinese skill
It evolved in Japan into the ninja art
	The 5 element formations are very elusive and powerful
        Why is the ninja so deadly?
Indeed, the ninja art is really elusive
It orginated from Chinese power sources
And blossomed from the era of the three kingdoms
The 5 element formations are indeed mind-boggling
All of the elements: gold, water, fire, earth and wood
Are used to the fullest advantage
There is few who lodge it with hand-drawn weapons, let alone survive it

Just one of the elements, is very relevant
Like bitches being celebate, she selling it, you buying it
But trying it, after buying it, keep it high, intense
My intent, kill like pussy, no evidence
Common sense, stepping to the ninja can be hazardous
Especially since Now Justice, crept with confidence
I move like wind, simply deading him
And the rest of them, saw how quick, I hit, spit arsenic

[5 Foot Hyper Sniper]
Natural disaster Katrina
Take you on a road trip like you all connected to a Beamer
Rappers get the middle finger, they frauds
They turn to R&B singers, like RuPaul
Give the po-po the cue ball but eight-ball wins
5 Foot Hyper sniper, never challenge me, that's a sin
Mixed with Hennessey and gin, ninja masters, ninja mindbender
Turn ya light dimmer and dimmer
Simon says you're dead so off with ya wack-ass head