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Artist: Zoe Pound f/ Raekwon
Album:  Bullethead
Song:   Back to the Cages
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Raekwon]
Don't play, what, what, you heard us
Fuck ya'll talkin' bout, what, what, what
We here, we here, shit, Zoe Pound, currency
Wu-Tang, it's all real, what I'm sayin, peace
Yo, yo, yo, run it through ya'll

[?Omen? - Zoe Pound #1]
Fuck the Dutchin', while nigga wanna run wit I
We can drop the funk down in M-I to N-Y
Where niggas run shit, sold off mill, we make a profit
Hittin' the interstate, we all wanna get rich

Yo, straight up, break bread wit 'em
Blow lead wit 'em, chillin' while we rap realism
Highlights, gangsta nights, straight suicide fights
We like the shilites, blowin' off bites
Big nasal, bulletproof hat and googles
We just watch you, we cry off about you

[?Omen? - Zoe Pound #1]
If my man spot you, he only spit you and got you
I'm hot, you rock cops out the shoes and stop you
Screamin' fuck the bloodclot, bust a shot outta two seat drop
I knew it we was bust, and word to logic

[Zoe Pound #2]
The bomb shit, ring the alarm, chairs bent
Like firearm, stays doors bust when the side in
Got in, scratchin' the tires, insiders
Quick to found, crib, cards and the diamonds
We blind this, ready as the real day now is
See that kid, see that cat makin' this pill

Money is the issue, what come around might hit you
Flowin' your word, so official
Keep that silent, all real niggas wanna bounce wit it
Bust your gun and be out wit it

[Zoe Pound #3]
So cat that put me up on the lit
Round up all the thug wit a thirty-eight, two K's and a glock
I was skatin' he way, wit no diamond west
Me and nigga play the safe, just to build without a trace
Carried out buttons wit big face
Operation Zoe Pound, from downtown to upstate

[Chorus: Raekwon]
Yo, take that back to the cages
Yea, wit the mack to the gauges, jewels and the pages
Skate off, Benzes and lenses
Big wide Range wit a cigar, movin' like menses

[?Black Jack? - Zoe Pound #4]
Guess who's back, it's Black Jack wit a sway crew at
I'm tool soldier from day, they never knew that
Cuz I play the low-low, kick wicked flows
Catch me Mexico, rented though and dilly, yo
I got no white connections for the mangos, call Premo
Bring that dough, I got that real ice flow

That's right, we got eighty in it
All real niggas, throw a baby in it, whips stay tinted
Bulletproof jackets will blaze in a summer night
Rock saude in it, little hate it, in it
Let's blossom, get up, connect, no gasto
Real ditect real, it's real when it's my shoes
Smack that emesole, wanna diss soul principals, blaow, blaow, ghetto lynchable

[?Omen? - Zoe Pound #1]
My niggas invincible, Omen is unpredictable
Bust guns for fun, under the sun, it's a ritual
Third eye visual, forseein' the critical
Fake mic fiends, ready to smitherins, it's pitiful
For my niggas did to you, cuz they see the picture, you
Blow your game out the frame, thinkin' they kissin' you
Bitch ass niggas, I owe you niggas nothin', what you got your hands out for

[Chorus 2X]

Take that back to the cages...
Take that back to the cages...

[Chorus 3X]

Take that back to the cages...

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: ?Mad Max?]
Zoe Pound, Mad Max, Wu-Tang/Zoe Pound perfect combination
Ya'll never thought this would of hit ya'll next