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Artist: Z-Ro
Album:  No Love Boulevard
Song:   Lit Up
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Revolution gets it's name by always coming back
Around in your face, you tried to kill me you son of a bitch
So welcome to the revolution, more to fall if I stay in touch

Get lit up, when you talking out your face
Get hit up, the detectives gon' close the case
Get lit up, see you fuck with us we got to see you die
Get hit up, bottle after bottle one more DUI
Get lit up, you gon' have to let the swelling go down
Get hit up, hoe you ain't got nothing to say no mo' now
Get lit up, yeah I heard what you said
Even if you living with an army, it's still off with your head

I know y'all think I'm out my mind
You bout if you one minute late, I don't play about my time
Even when a nigga sleep I hustle, that's how I grind
If you try to take food off my table I'ma kill, I'ma die about mine
If I gotta do a murder I ain't losing no sleep, I'ma sleep so peaceful
Show up at the funeral like I ain't did nothing, give condolences to all of your people
I'm the Crip grim reaper say my name five times, I'ma make you pay for all of your evil
If I do a drive by do it in a Lamborghini, I am too rich to do it in a Regal
Was from a hood called trust my people, from a block named show love boulevard
Now I'm from a hood called fuck my people, from a block named no love boulevard
Now how can I ball, how can I ball
How can I catch my enemies, and murder em all


Uh, nigga I lit your whole street
That's the 50 if you still living, that mean you dove deep
I'm a hood regular, but you ain't known in these streets
So connected, Ro don't need a telephone in these streets
On MLK in every city, it's a real nigga hustling
And fuck niggaz in the way, they just on the field fumbling
But I ain't got no time for that
Gun in the front, with a pie in the back
I give a nigga what he looking fo'
I bet he won't do it no mo', you can see where his mind is at
Do cereal bowl hoes, yes I'm cocoa pops up in this bitch
Murder games once they started, ain't no stopping in this bitch
It's Joseph McVey baby, shooting this a-way and that way baby
I'ma put it in they face Mo City Don, King of the Ghetto
God forgive me, I don't wanna be a devil
But these niggaz be, and these bitches be
Having me, it's bout killing me
For mo' show money, and mo' hoe money
Houston Texas, will never hear the end of me
I don't pretend to be cause I am, y'all already know what I'm talking bout
But we gon' keep that on the low, cause real killers don't talk a lot