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Artist: Z-Ro
Album:  No Love Boulevard
Song:   He's Not Done
Typed by: Lil Hustle


I know y'all wonder why a nigga wanna retire, I can't stand this shit
If it ain't Mike D if it ain't Slim Thug, I just can't understand this shit
Hell yeah I been better than everybody forever, but I really didn't plan this shit
Always been number one even though I wasn't running, standing still I still ran this shit
Turning up before they turned up, when they was activator curl permed up
They was talking bout Texas niggaz can't rap, but I made these motherfuckers learn us
We was street niggaz concrete niggaz, even though they tried couldn't turn us
Fuck these rapping niggaz I was slapping niggaz, when I came around em they were nervous
They say Ro ain't the best he is just depressed, he ain't got it all he is just a mess
He don't give a fuck what you say about him, long as Empire still cut the check
Like they blindfolded no rubber on, they don't really know who they are fucking with
I am Michael Jordan, I retire come back and retire just for the fuck of it

[Chorus - 2x]
He's not done yet, he's not done yet
He's not done yet, uh-uh
He's not done yet, he's not done yet

Mo City Texas that's where I come from, I never been a bitch
Throw grenades hoe fuck a Drake hoe, I'm killing everybody with this shit
I don't play right broad daylight, I give a fuck about the witnesses
Pull up unload leave em slumped over, first you see me then I'm in the wind
Since I dropped Look What You Did to Me in 1998, I been a ghost
Give a bitch hard dick or hard time, it's too god damn hard for me to give her my do'
They call me the King of the Ghetto forever, never gonna be another that can sit on my throne
When I'm in my casket they gon' still be asking me to make another song, won't leave me alone
I'm way too solid baby ain't never been to college baby, but I got a degree
Got a lot of street knowledge baby, from a nigga named DJ Screw
If it ain't him, I be like DJ who
He always told me to keep it real, I'ma do what he say do
Motherfuckers better get out the way, or get your ass rolled over
You better move, when he say move

[Chorus - 2x]

Man come on Rother, you know damn well the game needs you
Man you can't leave right now man, this ol'
Oh my pants too tight ass music, man a nigga can't feel that shit man
Nigga ay, that shit not solid
Come on back papa, you know the game needs you man