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Artist: Yung Tory
Album:  Rastar (Mixtape)
Song:   Stress Over Girls
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

(Stress over girls, stress over girls
You stressed over girls)
Bitch, your wife went, yeah

Can't trust shit, gotta watch your right hand
2019, want your wife back
She say that she wanna fuck me
So I got a jimmy off the nightstand, yeah
She fell in love with the right man
Proper etiquette like a white man
Say that your bitch is my fan
She see the drip, she like that
I told her I'll be right back
Shawty, I'm chasing my racks
Baby, I cannot get sidetracked
Girl, why you actin' like that?
I'm workin' hard, workin' so hard
I'm tryna get mama some nice things
I'm a rockstar, I don't play guitar
But I rock out, Frankie Lymon
I got the sauce, you can't find this
I got this bitch, she from China
She want the D, lookin' for me
I'm probably in some vagina
I got the gas, give her the weed
She say that she need a grinder
She suckin' me so long
She just ran out of saliva
These niggas hatin' on me
Old nigga, yeah, I'm sorry, your time's up
These niggas hatin' on us
Off molly 'cause these pussies designer
I told her to pop out, she pull up
She pussy poppin' in pajama
She pull up in Porsche, she wearin' no panties
This bitch look like Pamela
Anderson, she said she a fan of me so I can smash her
Damn, bitch, who the fuck raised you? You got no manners
She lick on the tip, she take a sip, no Tropicana, uh
I drip on your bitch, I'm in the VIP, I left with a dancer
She wanna flex with a boss
Let's go to Mexico, aw
I'm a professional, uh
She want my testicles, aw, aw
Bitch said she want diamonds and pearls
But I learned my lesson, oh girl
I cannot stress over girls
I'm takin' trips 'round the world

Stress over girls
I cannot stress over girls
Stress over girls
I cannot stress over girls
Stress over girls
You stressed over girls
I cannot stress over girls
I can't be stressed over girls