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Artist: Yungen
Album:  Topic of Discussion (Mixtape)
Song:   Samantha
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Sometimes you've just gotta let the story speak for itself

Baddest girl in the ends, every boy was on her case
Giving out trials, didn't judge man on his face
If he was too fast, she would put him in his place
Hair had the sickest tracks, man you couldn't tell her race
Real slim waist, but she ain't been recycled
But she was all the little girls' idol
But her brother was the top boy in ends
you wouldn't ever cross a man, that's word to the Bible
To the Bible, and she knew that
Her brothers had my respect so she used that
Snakes ran in her blood and she proved that
She [?] from her whip to her new flat
Shopping trips every day, didn't spend a penny
But that nigga on her arm probably spent a belly
But the girls she hung with couldn't stomach that
Got a little info and she go run it back
Worst thing now, she's started selling drugs
Started off slow, you know, in and out of clubs
She caught onto the slang, she was talking like them thugs
Every other word was cus, bruv, blud
But them people wasn't family though
And she was bringing these guys back to her family home
Not thinking of who she putting in danger
Not thinking she don't really know this guy, he's just a stranger
Yeah, so the word got back
The top boy's hearing that this girl's got racks
And she's selling drugs making mad mad money, eh, and the top boy ain't having that
He gave the word, she's gotta go
And for that kind of money ain't nobody saying no
Nothing more, nothing less, you've gotta dead the little hoe
He said catch her at her crib man but keep it on the low
She got a phone call around 8 o'clock
Private number, she thought it was a shot
They said 4 and a half at the spot
But it weren't the shot she was expecting
Now she got blood all over her extensions
Then went and filled her hair back up in the entrance
Now back to the car they've gotta run
And they gotta get rid of this gun
The top boy got a call saying it was done
But then he got a call from his mum