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Artist: Yungen
Album:  Topic of Discussion (Mixtape)
Song:   Intro
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

You gotta keep 'em talking
Positive or negative, man you gotta 'em talking
This is a dream

Gets that kind of money that a G needs, I keep wishing
Dash homie that I'm what the game's been missing
I came to ball, fuck who's pitching
Nando's in your ends, I ain't never been a chicken
Raise, I don't queue up, pussy I might get your chick in
Getting brain from them same girls you lipsin
Them girls say I'm too vein, I let the mirror talk
Got her knees on the pillow, I don't pillow talk
I was the man in my hood before I rapped
Until this present day pussy, I can get you wrapped
Blessed with a gift, most my friends was in the trap
You was happyslapping while them man was getting slapped
Paranoid in the weirdest of places
Talking cold around man I should be safe with
Ave, Rex, Lou, Kicks we had the latest
Yeah we was out of hand but we was catching casing
Not guilty, I've got a chance
I took that straight to Mayfair, we in the dance
Then mandem hate, them pretty girls glance
Used to date a girl called Paris now I can take my girl to France
Big dreams, small city
Going to the top with them man that will fall with me
Put up for my hometown, I said it in my Hometown
Rickz, Stiff, Jay, Ham, Skins they all with me
And we in this
Money, swag and it's vintage
Three man in that three door, I only drive the whip if it's tinted
Them man there still jogging on tracks, me I come through and I sprinted
With a white boy called Scrappy, Ralph polo and he's minted
They know me, yeah boy they know me
I've got fans, I do shows but still play CoD with my colleagues
So fuck what you man heard, I've been putting on in my lonely
And we gon' set it off, I come head to toe in Stoney
And I kill it, kill it, kill it, kill it..