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Artist: Yungen
Album:  Topic of Discussion (Mixtape)
Song:   21
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Hey yo Dice

History in the making
This one for them pagans
This one for them breddas watching all my vids and hating
This one for them chicks who never had it now they rating
I've been working so hard, it's time to show them that I'll make it
Didn't wanna kick it, now she wanna ball
Didn't give me credit now that bitch she wanna call
Telling me I'm tripping, tell that bitch I'm not a fool
I spent six year in JA how can you tell me I don't ball
I put murder in my ink, hid that burner under my sink
Could have been in jail with my mandem, but I'm the only one that thinks
These girls trying to catch me slipping, they can't see a thing through my tints
Hey Dice, double up on them drinks
Yeah I cleaned all the way up but I still walk around with that lean
Won't catch me stunting in jewels, because I don't wear ice if I don't get cream
Yeah I used to move flake, now I'm with Kone, that's my team
More time and me, him and Krept we up all night and we chasing our dream
Call me Martin Luther King, me I do the thing
Meet me in the ring, ain't letting it slide I'd rather swing
I got women on my case, all the ever do is ping
Me I'm from a deep ends where you gonna drown if you can't swim
Trying to keep my head above that water
Dodgy plates on that Corsa
Never been a talker
It's RIP if you fuck with my Ora
Doing a hundred on that motorway in some shit we never thought'a
And these days I get free kicks but I'm just a boy from the corner
I go dizzy to make that gwop, you got a nookie I'll take that, what?
Dreading that I've got the game on lock
Girl will have to clear herself from my spot
Because I've got bars on top of bars, the only way is the top
Who would have thought I'd be the heartbreak kid but I used to love the rock
Now these girls all up in my grille
Might get a nandos if she's real
If it ain't studio then I'll chill
With this girl from the East End that I feel
If I come around and I'm beating, she already know the deal
She won't see me the morning after, all she's gonna see is a pill
Ok let me state the facts, pull the cat out of the hat
Ain't got a deal but I'm already getting pats
Is your sister [?] Are you fucking Ms Bratt?
Rumors in my presence I'm like get the hell off my sack
Concentrate on my gift
Don't concentrate on my dick
All these clowns are hating because I'm living up to my wish
When people stare, it gives me such a lift
I'm just writing bars, getting dough and ticking girls off my list, bitch