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Artist: Yung Budd f/ Buddha Monk, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Pooh
Album:  Unreleased Throwbacks, Vol. 2
Song:   Gots Like Come on Thru 2005
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Buddha Monk, (Ol' Dirty Bastard) {Yung Budd}]
Ahahahaha... minds start to freeze, at ease
It's the Wu-Tang Killa Beez
Brooklyn Zu, who you roll, Manchuz {and the Hump, nigga}
Comin at yo' avenues, 36 Chambers at a theater near ya
(To all my muthafucking niggaz in the place to be, a lllllisten to me)
We gonna take ya to a new level of hip hop

[Chorus: Buddha Monk & Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Wu, Gots like come on thru
Su, That's the call of the Wu
Zu, Gots like come on thru
Su, That's the call for the Zu

[Hook: Buddha Monk & Ol' Dirty Bastard]
If you're from the east coast and you're down with Brooklyn Zu
Su, That's the call for your crew
If your from the west coast and you're down with Brooklyn Zu
Su, that's the call for your crew

[Yung Budd]
I'm 'bout to introduce y'all niggaz to a sound so amazing
(Suuu) That's the call for ya crew
My team the Hump, homey
And we'll thump on anybody trying to fuck with the Zu or Buddha Monk, homey
I'm trying to chill though
Cuz I'm in a position where I got got bread, got guns and real hoes
Cooch tight, give a mean blow
And they'll pop anybody in they shit if they cream on 'em
Swift bitch, think not? Meet me at a green light
Ya Mazeratti get bodied, pop
Talk shit, got the shotty on 'em
So put ya hands up 'fore I have to put a body on it
The rap chicks I rock, the army want it
My hobbies and jeans cause multi-hundreds
Can't say I ain't go no swagger
Cuz the war god duke, never seemed like no Scooby Doo

[Chorus 2 4X: Yung Budd]
Punk, act up, get ya ass stomped
(Squado) That's the call for the pump

[Hook 2 2X: Yung Budd]
If ya from East New York and ya down with Hump Squad, throw yo' hands up
If ya chilling in the whip with a bitch blowing pif, uh, throw yo' hands up

Fuck showing me love and just give me my respect
Cuz I'm due for it, dog, I'm one of the best
Yeah, I'm young and out of control, slugs hit ya body, and so
And pit ya ass six feet in a hole
Fuck a chick cuz this money I fold
Make the world go round, and hoes go down in the back of the Rove
That's what I know, fuck what ya been told
My life is a novel, so after this verse, the chapter is closed
And I don't trust no nigga, fam
Disrespect the team, and watch how quick I cock back, click and BLAM
A nigga fresh and clean, and now's spic and spam
Ten shots to the face, could shorten ya attention span
And I stay with the Hump, niggaz, stay with the pump
Brooklyn Zu, part two, paying homage to the Monk

[Chorus 2 4X]

[Hook 2 2X]

[Outro: Yung Budd]
It's the illa-illa-illest in the place to be
R.I.P. my nigga O.D.B.