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Artist: Yung Ro
Album:  The Counselor
Song:   The Conversation
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[Yung Ro - Talking]
Sheeeit I feel what you saying
It just wouldn't work out though
Ya know
Yeah I feel that, I done heard that before
Ya know
I feel that, I feel you but can you feel me
Listen to the song though ya know
Fuck the song, let's just come and do the song
But listen to it
Look, ay

[Yung Ro]
Say lil mama, I'm the type that just like to kick back
But Just being on the phone, I don't like to chit chat
I got other shit to do than just holding the phone
Cause I been grown for a minute, out here holding my own
I got stress, niggaz plexing and I'm trying not to kill
But you soft and you a woman, and sometimes I wanna chill
I get depressed start smoking, and start wrecking my mind
Shit I'm just telling you some things that's on the back of my mind
Now some niggaz smoke, and they drink too much
But can you imagine a nigga who think too much
I got problems, multiplied by fifty
And I can't solve none of them, so I need you quickly
I want a ride or die chick, who won't know and learn fast
And I don't got nowhere to go, but we can ride and burn gas
Have you ever been to the beach, on a late night trip
Or had a nigga to kiss you, and slowly bite you're lip
Girl what you mean you don't know how to kiss
Do you make love, or do you just fuck his dick
Baby damn, you got to listen
Between sex and love, is a very big difference
Now that nigga made you, a prone of his
But when it come to a kiss, he won't go on ya lips
Close ya eyes, and picture you corressing me
Don't get me wrong, it ain't all about sex with me
Because me and you know, what my mind can do
But you don't know how hard it was finding you
Now making you understand, is what's getting to me
Baby close you're eyes and just listen to me
I know people feel, what they don't understand
And that's the only reason why I can't be ya man
And I know you got a man, and I ain't telling you to start switching
But I know I'm right, when I say theirs something missing
And I know something else, you care about him right
And you thinking it just wouldnt be right
But can you tell me whats right or wrong, and what that got to do with it
See what I'm saying, what love got to do with it
Cause if you ain't happy, you just letting time pass
And you can still get any nigga with you're sexy ass
Ha and that's from Yung Ro, you can't lie and say you don't like the way I flow
So you can tell him how you feel, and come fuck with Ro
Or I could be ya back up, and keep it on the low
But if he find out and wanna cuss, fight and shout
Tell him to call me and I can help his dumb ass out
Ha don't get me wrong, I ain't gonna beat ya man up
But tell him what's really on ya mind, and heat ya man up
All I can do is tell him what I see in life
Tell him respect his woman, just a little advice
Tell him I know it's his house too, so I ain't gonna come in ya place
He gonna tell me to quit calling, and hang up in my face
Haha now what do you call that?
Ha you know me, I got to call back
Say what's up nigga, tell me how in the fuck you figure
I'm a quit calling, stop and ignore
When I see the same thing that you saw in her and more
I'm a tell ya stupid ass what the fuck is going on
Ha the minute she gave me the number to this phone
Haha I'm a tell you like this, in my mind dawg you didn't even excist
But in her's yeah you did, yeah she was thinking about you
Yeah she looked me up and down, and gave me the number to who
Ha now I'm a be real and say you got the upper hand
See all I got is curiosity, you got time on ya hands
You gonna tell me not to call, say listen up dawg
If you was handling ya businness, she wouldn't accept my calls
Uh! what in the fuck is you gon' do
Get off the phone with a pimp, and continue to argue
Aha ha you still don't see
Everytime you fuck up you make it better on me
Now you gotta make a decision dawg, what you gonna choose
You ain't ready, and I can tell you gonna lose

[Yung Ro - Talking]
Aha gyeah fuck is you saying kid
Aha a woman gonna be a woman
A- and I guess a man gonna be a man, huh?
But you already know what that do
You know the game we play
You just got caught, pimp
That is what you call yaself right? ha pimp
It is still cool to call you pimp right? pimp
Ha, but look out though mama
Don't mind what going on between me and him
Ya know I wanna offer you some insurance
You know, I know it's cool ya know you scared to love somebody
Love nobody ya know, I know you got you're heart broke before
And I know scars talk ya know
I understand that, and you want something reliable and something solid
I'm that, nobody baby ya know
Fuck nobody you're still a virgin
Huh can you dig it baby?
Well get at me I been looking for ya and ya late