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Artist: Yung Ro
Album:  The Counselor
Song:   A Statue of a Fool
Typed by:  Lil Hustle

I gotta be honest with y'all, you know
I kinda hesitated on this one, you know
Don't nobody like pointing out they own flaws and shit
But you know, I do feel the message you know
So I'ma try to see, if I can sacrifice a lil' ego
Speak the truth you know, ha-ha

[Yung Ro]
Forgave me once forgave me twice, and I fucked up
Forgave me again, and I still fucked up
And now I see, we both fucked up
Me for being me, and you for loving a fuck up
But ay what's up, cause girl ain't no love lost
If anything gained, you hearing that from my mouth
And yeah I feel bad, about the scars I left ya
You walk around with a chip on your shoulder, keep ya head up
Cause there's love after love, cool we didn't work out
But I wasn't ready, then I still got thangs I'm trying to work out
I know ya miss Yung Ro, I bet you think I forgot ya
Saw ya picture yesterday, and shed a solid tear about ya
My girl to be, you meant the world to me
Now here I am confessing, I want the world to see
An example, who knows might help someone else
I lost love but worst of all, I made a fool of myself that's game

Somewhere, whole world you know
Every ghetto, every city, every country you know
Well fuck it you know, we taking this shit worldwide
Just look at this as my stone, break it down for 'em
What else (an image of a man) a man
(who let love slip through his hands), hold on to it