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Artist: Yung Mal
Album:  Iceburg
Song:   Get Em
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Huh, I be tryna tell these niggas chill, chill
Dubba-AA flexin'
Ayy, yo, that's Dre
Tryna just kill 'em, man
Louie Bandz made another one

Just like my money, I'ma stretch him, uh
Catch a nigga at the exit
Leave his head in his lap while he textin'
Bus load comin' in, we call it 'Rome Bettis
Drop that cash, nigga, bet it
PayPal, Cash App, send it through Zelle, huh
Stay strapped, never bear arm teddy (This is the sound)
Fuck the block, the quick come petty
Take her off block, I can fuck when I'm ready
Been thuggin' all my life, no Makaveli
Diamonds they shine, lil' ho, I'm Big Pissy
Play with me, nigga, your head get missin'
Yeah, I signed me a deal, but my brother still trap in the kitchen
Fuck 12, free Lil Quill, let's get it
Straight out the trenches, now I'm worth mil' tickets
Fuck her all night when my pill kick in
Yeah, I got rich but I'm still Zone 6 livin'
Ride with that stick and it flip niggas
All this shit, it came from the ground, I built, nigga
Took off fast, I shocked 'em just like Silkk, nigga
I get your partner killed, nigga
Brother made bond, he still killin'
Don't fuck with no rat, no Stuart Little
We get that pack and we straight dismiss 'em
Bitch asked me why I fuck with my pistol
Bitch, I can't do shit without this glizzy
Got that glizzy while I'm pissin'
I can't trust these niggas
Seen niggas cross they niggas out like they had scissors
Huh, she take my dick and rinse it, yeah
I'm in her mouth like a dentist, yeah
Can't fall off, got Benjamins, yeah
All my cars be tinted, yeah

Huh, hol' up, yeah
Get 'em, yeah, get 'em, get 'em, uh, uh
Shawty gon' get 'em, get 'em, huh
Shawty wan' play, I'ma get him, huh

Straight through his head, split him, uh
Play with that bread, we kill 'em, huh, yeah
Poppin' these Percs like Skittles, yeah
We do the pushin' and sit-ups, yeah
I shoot that Glock with my chin up, yeah
Toss up a dub at Pin Ups (Mhm)
Know the front end comin' in soon as I wake up
Go to L.A. and I ball like Kobe, no Laker (Mhm)
He just a hater, he don't got no paper
I heard went broke tryna flex for the ladies

Huh, hol' up, yeah
Get 'em, yeah, get 'em, get 'em, uh, uh
Shawty gon' get 'em, get 'em, huh
Shawty wan' play, I'ma get him, huh