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Artist: Yung Joc f/ 3LW
Album:  Step Up Soundtrack
Song:   'Bout It
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*whispered: "Shhhh... Kwame did it"*}

[Intro: Yung Joc]
Yuh, y'all know what it is (y'all know what it is)
It's your homey Yung Joc man (it's your homey Yung Joc man)
Block Entertainment (Block Entertainment)
Bad Boy South (let's go~!)
Ay Kwame! (Whattup?)
You hear 'em fizzle boy, let's go!
Step up

[Chorus: 3LW]
You think you know me but you, have no idea
Act like you 'bout it, well let me put this in yo' ear
If you really 'bout it, do it like a boss like you don't care
If you 'bout it, I don't doubt it
Show me that you sho' nuff 'bout it, 'bout it

[Yung Joc]
I get mine off top, cause a hustler don't stop
If your girl don't chew then my name ain't Joc
The money don't flip then the block ain't hot
If she don't scream your name, then your game just shot
I gotta couple reasons you can call me the boss
I'll drop a couple stacks and watch your ass get lost
Now Joc a real bet, shorty best believe that
If you ain't ride or die, bring them car keys back
Take your foot off the brake, baby gon' ride out
If them suckers wanna hate, put 'em in time out
I get that cake and you'll soon find out
If you ever cross me you'll get crossed out

[Interlude: 3LW]
I've seen it before, and I'm runnin no more
Come and catch up with me baby don't stop (don't stop)
Get to the floor, what'chu waitin for
Cause we can ride the beat straight to the top
You waitin too long, and now it's my time
To show 'em all that it's not a game
Cause I don't care what I'm lookin like, I just gotta show you that
I'm not goin no-where


[Yung Joc]
I'ma get rich, or I'ma die tryin
I ain't 50 Cent, but respect my mind
Respect my gangster, respect my shine
Put your click in check if you step outta line
I ain't Kanye but I been "Through the Wire"
Couple mo' albums befo' I retire
Most of these rappers ain't nuttin but liars
Holla 'bout they killers when they sing in the choir
Straight from the bottom and I'm tryin to get higher
Too many strikes, got too many priors
Messin with us like playin with fire
Get your wig split, time to meet your messiah



Oooooh, now I've been walkin up this road
Tryin to find which way to go
Frown upon my face
Sometimes it seems like I don't know
Now I got a chance to touch what seems right to me
And the answer's right in front of me
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yes it is, yeah~!

[Chorus] - 2X