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Artist: Yung Joc
Album:  New Joc City
Song:   Hear Me Coming
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
All the hoes lose they mind when they see me stuntin
Dope boys lose they mind when they hear me comin
All the haters get to runnin when they hear that chopper drummin
Brrrrrrrrrum-pum-pum, brrrrrrrrrum-pum-pum-pumpin

[Verse One]
Y'all already know me you ain't even gotta wonder
I was voted number one rapper to drop this summer
A one hit wonder, how the hell ya figure that?
My rhymes like crack, fiends screamin gimme dat
A fiend like a monkey in that '73 donk
Need a Desert Eagle reefer smellin like the skunk
Got a bitch named Judy with a real big booty
Boost all day, keep a nigga ridin Coogi
If it's a problem I suggest you let it go
Got some killers over there on Headland and Delowe
I beat the block up, you can hear me when I'm comin
If it's a problem then the choppers start drummin, drummin


[Verse Two]
My niggaz flip birds, yo' niggaz flip burgers
My niggaz got work, yo' niggaz just workers
My niggaz we get heard, yo' niggaz is unheard of
My niggaz murder, yo' niggaz get murdered
My niggaz wet niggaz, yo' niggaz get drenched
My niggaz play the field, yo' niggaz ride bench
My niggaz is quarterbacks, yo' niggaz just recieve
With a single flinch boy, yo' niggaz retreat
My niggaz take the coke and they let the shit cook
Yo' niggaz experiment with the dope and get hooked
Now ain't that somethin let the story be told
As the plot thickens, the script unfolds


[Verse Three]
I get ya back around three we can do it one mo' gen
Message to them hater middle finger to the wind
Let my chain swang with a limp in my walk
Baby hush your mouth respect a pimp when he talk
E'rybody know that I do it for the hood
Help feed the hungry, now my homies all good
Word on the street, Joc got the heat
Suede on the seat, 28's on my feet
Two bottle of Crist' baby go on spend money
When ya add it up now I'm drinkin rent money
My wrists on froze, make 'em jump up out they clothes
Go on enjoy your night cause in the mornin gotta go (gotta go)


Ha ha ha nigga
Rookie of the year
Play your postition niggaz
Y'all fuck boys stop ear hustlin man
Y'all niggaz know how we do it
Y'all know what it is
All the way from the motherfuckin Westside to the Southside nigga
M.L. King, Favareux, fo'-five, the whole fo'-block, three-twenty
What's up Kool Aide? Yeah
Rest in peace my nigga Steve
ChrisTerry Lil' Mike, Black Horace
Then we'll take it to the motherfuckin Southside nigga
College Park! Youknahmtalkinbout
{?} shade the P nigga
What it is, I see ya out there Tony V
Karl Moe, what up nigga?
Fresh Stat from College Park, I see you nigga
Ain't nuttin but love, y'all know how we do it
Yung Joc! Block Entertainment, bitch!
... Shorty Slick where you at? You up next nigga
And I'm outta here