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Artist: Young Pappy
Album:  3 Letter Gang (S)
Song:   3 Letter Gang
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Fuck hoes, get cash
Stop hatin with your bitch ass
This TFG and PBG, we at your neck like whiplash
Fuck niggas wanna diss on me tryna make a name for they self
I call that shit suicide niggas better off hangin they self, hold on
My style so versatile, she throw it back don't hurt me now
Niggas calling my phone woofing I play like I ain't got service now
She say she ain't suck no dick before but I know damn well she learnin now
You on the inside lookin out, I got a Mac that'll take your curtains down
Niggas claim they in the streets, but they lyin nigga
I slide through your block all the time Ion see not one you niggas outside
And niggas hate me still singin my rhymes
This shit my life I ain't tryna get signed
And I don't text so if it ain't sex or if it ain't money bitch get off my line, hold on
Everybody love the gang throw it up if you claim that
Designer bandana I bang that
I'm from the pole where it's cold where I hang at
So nigga fuck you if you ain't that
Cause my niggas is all I need
And mufuckas bleed just like I bleed
Raybans on me fake niggas Ion see, hold on

Hold on hold on hold on hold on
Ion think they heard what the fuck bro said
He said, "Fuck hoes, get cash and stop hatin with your bitch ass"