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Artist: Young Money (Shanell & Lil' Wayne)
Album:  We Are Young Money
Song:   Play in My Band
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[1st Verse - Shanell]
Can I come over and play?
Probally you the type to fuck and never call again
They say I'm crazy 
Cause I gotta get a taste
Then I kiss a gun and love over run it 
And you're gonna love it
Let it loose now

(Chorus x2)
You Can Play In My Band
I Can Teach You Guitar
Here's Ya Backstage Pass
Let Me Make You A Star

Let It Loose Now x4

[2nd Verse - Lil' Wayne]
Guitar Hero 
Tuck ya' bitch in before ya bitch get devoured
Is that ya' girlfriend?
Because I seen her at three shows
And she say I'm a blessing
Call me the cathedral
Weezy F Baby, Lyrical key low
I think she try'na OD low
I throw my guitar off the stage into the mosh pit bitch
How 'bout I fuck a bitch in a mosh pit bitch like
Fucking right I'm tight, I'm a not slit bitch
And me and my band gone rock this bitch
I'm a fuck her face off!
Fuck her waist off!
The martian, she hops on my rocket and take off
5 4 3 2, mic check EQ
She is the groupie and we are the crew
And this is my solo, so take my photo
My #1 fan 
"Mrs. I'm with the band"

(Chorus x2)

[3rd Verse - Shanell]
Can you make me sound like the strings you playing
Autograph your name in the sheets we lay in
Boy tonight your show is starring me
So meet me in the back, let's act up
Let it loose 
Come on, let's sex up!

(Chorus x2)