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Artist: Young Money
Album:  We Are Young Money
Song:   New Shit
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Uhhh... flow gifted like the honor roll
At crunch time I deliver like Dominos
A different freak for every day I got all kind of hoes
I slide 'em dick and get the fuck, I never mind them hoes
But never mind them hoes, I got all kind of flows
I switch 'em up so quick as fuck I gotta timeless flow
Young animal, punishin the ProTools
Eatin this beat up like soul food, you niggaz old news

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
Now ain't you tired of sayin the same shit everyday?
I mean the same shit - Ashley and Mary Kate
Sometimes I wish that I was blind like Mr. Ray
How come you talkin out your ass but ain't got shit to say?
I spend my money like my time, I ain't got it to waste
Man I'm so fast feel like I'm racin in a different race
Too much champagne now watch me spit it in them bitches face
Tomorrow mornin I could tell you how them bitches taste

[Jae Millz]
This rap shit is our house, you niggaz just visitin
Young Money wolverines, bitch {no Michigan}
I get in them hoeses and reel 'em in like fishermen
And throw they ass in the truck and we rolls like Michelins
All hail the kings, crowns glistenin
I stunt hard as a fuck cause I ain't gettin a chance to live again
Focus is what you better get, boy we on that better shit
All bosses, no executives, you just repetitive


[Mack Maine]
... bitch-bitch we ballin
Tired of the same shit, I need a different toilet
Okay let me pick my target, pick 'em off now come pick 'em up
Big dog I don't bark I buck, tell them bitches I don't talk I fuck
Tell them niggaz I don't walk I run this shit I come to punish shit
And-and I bet they won't be flushin this Young Money shit
We on some other shit, they on the same shit
Bitch I'm Mack Maine, I'm-I'm Mack Maine bitch!

[Chorus] - first 1/2

[Lil Wayne]
Young too motherfucker no anime
Dr. Carter motherfucker come to amputate
Cash Money too much money to calculate
Young Money that new shit, on your face

[Chorus] - secodn 1/2

[Lil Wayne]
Gimme the beat and I'ma beat the beat like Anna Mae
What the fuck you thought? You know I keep the heat like St. Tropez
Ca-Cash Money, too much money to calculate
Young Money that new shit, on your face