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Artist: Young Money f/ Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, Mack Maine, PJ Morton
Album:  Young Money: Rise of an Empire
Song:   You Already Know
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[PJ Morton]
Young Money...

[Chorus: PJ Morton]
Ain't nobody better, I ain't gotta tell ya
I can show you better but why (why)
Ain't Nobody better, I ain't gotta tell ya
I can show you better but you (you)
You already know... you already know...
Don't act like we don't know (know)
Cause you already know, yeah (yeah)

[Gudda Gudda]
You already know I holds it down like a ship anchor
VS1 diamonds while my wrist dangle
Criss Angel I can do magic with the coupe roof
Push one button or two and watch the roof poof! (SKRRT~!)
Brown leather Yoo-Hoo, Gudda rockstar like U-2
Red paint bangin like su-woo (su-woo)
Huh, it's a new day, Young Money crew day
Got these hoes in line like they waitin' on them new J's
You say Gudda ain't the sickest nigga walkin',
I'm spittin' like a Larkin; turn the buffet to a coffin
Could let you know that we much better than so and so
But I ain't gotta name drop cause you already know it though


[Mack Maine]
I'm Mack Maaaaaaiiiiine, uhh...
Miley Cyrus still ain't pop me off so woadie stop askin me (hah)
But if you see her heard me tell her time to bring that ass to me (HAH)
Real nigga academy, who tryna take flight?
Whatchu make for years salary, we make in one night
I ain't braggin, I ain't boastin its the signs of success (success)
The fruits of my labor, mind over stress (uh-huh)
Testimony to the best, the good probably hate it
But take the proper steps and you could be my neighbor (haha)
Fresh out of labor (yeah) it's Young Money baby
Even from the passenger side we drive these broads crazy
We ain't stoppin, we ain't finished 'til my names up in the Guinness
Stunna we made it, Tune we made it, we outlastin them limits
Homie numbers don't lie, so you should check the charts
And I ain't a +Simpson+, my momma never slept with +Bart+
Man we shoppin', we layin', we don't pack when we go
Since life is like a movie you better act like you know


[Jae Millz]
We don't talk to po-po, you already know doe
Yeah, I heard you was gettin' money but you told doe
Where I'm from that's a no-no and I'm solid 'til I go doe
Bad chick with me and she only shop in Soho (that's right)
Bad chick with me and she give me head in slow-mo (me)
New York City nigga, Yankee fitted sittin' low doe
When I was broke, I couldn't get niggas to see the four door (I couldn't)
Now I'm gettin' money and they all knew I would blow doe (word)
Yeah fuckin' right, we ain't fuckin' tight, it's just me and all of my dogs
No time for them bitch niggas, no time for them frauds
No time for them haters, no time if it ain't about paper
My cup full and my team good and I'm screamin' "Nigga, we made it!"
Look, ain't nobody better but I ain't gotta tell ya
I can show ya better, ask your girl I get her wetter
Play with mine and them ski masks gonna come out with them barettas
Check the score bitch we in the lead forever - it's Millz