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Artist: Young Money f/ Shanell, Yo Gotti
Album:  Young Money: Rise of an Empire
Song:   Catch Me at the Light
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Shanell]
(It's Sha-motherf-nell!) yeah, Yo Gotti, uh-uh
Ohh-whyyyyy, ohhh, yeah

[Chorus: Shanell]
Catch me at the light (WHOO!) when you see me rollin'
You ain't got a fast car, might as well keep goin'
Catch me at the light (AY!) and you better be ridin' right
With the suicide doors on the side
Catch me at the light (AY!) the light (AY!) I see you creepin' up
If you want some conversation, speed it up
Catch me at the light (AY!) catch me at the light
Buckle up, let me take you on a ride (AY!)

Pull up, top back - I'm back
Drop top's got me feelin' so alive - ohh yeah
In my new thing; paint, all black
Whip game's got the haters hit the ties - ohh yeah
I got 200 on the dash
Lookin' like I'm flyin' in a spaceship, nothin' to play with
Cause if I'm talkin' to a man
He better right like me, meeee, yeah
If you're a Maserati roller, Bentley and your holdin'
Lookin' like a Benz or a Beamer when you're rollin (ohh yeah)
Jaguar Elise show me you can keep up with me
Ohhh, I'm ready to go


[Yo Gotti]
Chea, yo...
I may pull up in that Lambo, doors like Diani
Yeah me speak English but shawty this a foreign
Real shit, shawty this could be your rent
Need some excitement in your life and you lookin' boring
Lemme hit you in the back of that Range Panoramic view
Murcie lane, at the light, it's just me and you
I got Raris with them horses, different color Porsches
If you got a need for speed, shawty know that we got choices
Shawty know that we got options, so if you into shoppin'
Buyin bags is not a issue, having budgets not an option
You got that wide body like a steering
Got a nigga fellin sprung shawty like a Visa
All gas, no brakes, shawty that's a speed race
V-V12, vroom vroom, I can make ya knees shake
I just need that green light (green light) yellow light
Slow it down shawty, I can do it right, I am