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Artist: Young Money f/ Lil Twist, Tyga
Album:  Young Money: Rise of an Empire
Song:   Back It Up
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Lil Twist]
Where the bad bitches at? Gon' smoke (gon' smoke)
where the bad bitches at? Gon' drank (gon' drank)
Where the bad bitches at that twerk? (That twerk)
put them weak bitches out that can't (that can't)
Look at shawty right there with them curves (curves)
got me tryin' not to scratch my paint (paint)
And when she shake that ass, I throw more cash
swear she tryna get a piece of my bank
Back it up, back it up, bust it open, wide open
baby girl, let me see what you're workin' with (hah)
Me and T on some pimp shit, this is the collision
my nigga at the front, I'm at the tail end, where is your girlfriend?
I'm lookin to surf in, try puttin' a word in
I jump in that pussy and turn that shit to a whirlwind (yeah)
I'm Twizzy F Baby, Mr. Freestyle Murder
I'ma kill you little niggas but the pussy, I'm murkin' 'em (BAH!)
Let me slow it up (uh-huh) y'all already know what's up (yeah)
Been gettin' paid since a young age
now that's Young Money, watch me throw it up
I'm in King of Diamonds like "what the fuck?"
Throwin' stacks at her, throwin' racks at her
And don't worry 'bout it, girl, if I'm old enough
just gon' do me a favor, girl, back it up

[Chorus: Lil Twist]
Back it up, girl back it up, girl back it up, girl back it up
... Girl back it up; gon'-gon' do me a favor, girl back it up
I'm - throwin' stacks at her, throwin' racks at her
Don't worry 'bout it, girl, if I'm old enough
just gon' do me a favor, girl, back it up

[Lil Twist]
Let me see you do it, girl work the pole
gon' get this money, girl twerk it slow (yeah)
Let me see it though, let me see it though
yeah I'm talkin' bendin' over, girl touch your toes
Now strike a pose, then drop it low (yeah) I'm in the strip club with my big bro
named Weezy F, and we do it the best; already 60 racks and leave the floor messy
Young Money, homie, YMCMB; got a brown tone for the T-Streets
I need 3 more for Chris, B and T (yeah)
I'mma fool with it, just a young elite (hah)
Shit, what the hell? You can't blame me
this the fast life, get your cash right (yeah)
And when she think it's right then come back to Twist
and we can match it up and have a cash fight
Now I'm ballin' on em', still stuntin' on em'
in the strip club, still hunchin' on em'
Still ripping bands, homie buy these grands
I'm the young boss, follow my commands
Now I'm bring bought seven hands (uh-huh) back to my table
Racks on racks to my naval
got all the girls wanna rock the young boy like a cradle, Well!


AUUGH~! Girl back it up, b-back it up, I'm hard as fuck and I wanna fuck
Bitch open up, I'm too-too raw gotta rap it up
I'm ultra faded, I'm pourin' cups, two shots of this, ass shots on her
Don't-don't ask for nothin', let me throw it up
man she all on my balls like bowling bruh
AUUGH~! I'm more than amazin', with the location, a lot of caucasians
Niggas with money, and money your savings, 'bout my business, nigga no blazer
Why you tryna save her, nigga I slave her; while you pay her, I get paper
Got hoes lined up like a taper, back to back I call that Laker, huh
P-pop a pill, do it big, bend it over, I see it's real
Drizzy voice, young money ill, I lower my dick, then auto-kill
She know it's real; man I got that cake, happy belated (belated)
I stylin' on my ex, let my nigga Twizzy say it, huh