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Artist: Yo Gotti f/ YG, (Young) Jeezy
Album:  I Am
Song:   Act Right
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Yo Gotti]
I'm going going back-back to the Bay..
Rest in peace Mac Dre..
All I do is talk yay.. {The Invasion...}

[Chorus: Yo Gotti]
In the club got them bottles on replay
Tryna break a record like a DJ
Thats a hundred fifty bottles in one night
I give that bitch some act right
Act right, act right
Money don't fold if it act right
Act right, act right
Niggas playin' games you can act right

[Yo Gotti]
I'm goin' goin back-back to the Bay..
Rest in peace, Mac Dre
I'm a street nigga all I do is talk yay
Want me in your city nigga know they gon' pay
Ain't lookin' for a free throw, lookin for a freak ho
Cuban link chain on my neck weigh a kilo
Nigga just violated pissed dirty to his P.O.
On the real nigga scale one to ten you a zero
Damn, that a bad bitch you a Creole
On the West coast but she say she from the N.O.
Act right, get your life changed
Fuck a pair of shoes, you can get the last name
Real nigga shit boy I hate lames
All my nigga sell dope or gang bang
Me and cash get the act right
You ain't in a foreign you don't look right


Act right.. gotta act right
It's the mothafuckin' world...

I'mma tell ya off top mu'fucka: free Boosie (YEAH)
Ridin' in my Lamborghini with the dope man uzi (yeeeah)
Thinkin' came with a step might be the shit
I got a rooster in my Rari might be your bitch (that's right)
I said I pull up in this bitch in that Aventador (CHEA)
Make you bitch pass out straight hit the floor (daaamn)
Said I never seen a car like that before (what)
What's that thang stickin up? thats the door (ha-ha)
I told YG I'mma go ride the whip
You just hangin' out the window ghost ride the clip (YEAH)
I made my first quarter million dollars off the blow
He want a nine piece chicken took that to-go (yeeeah)
I'mma tell ya like this, ya'll motherfucker listen (listen)
Kilo all day motherfucker I'm trippin'
But if you run up on me nigga thinkin' I'm slippin'
Michael Jordan with the chopper man I hit you like Pippen act right


Goin'-goin', back-back to the bank..
Rest in peace to my safe
I'mma fly nigga nigga I take your ho
I'll have to leave her if she did me like Coco
The devil talkin' to me, but I dont hear him {HEY}
Act like I'm deaf/Def like So-So
Fuck you, fuck him, fuck them
Fuck my ex and the po-pos
Hundred bottles in the club, for no reason
Niggas start trippin boom bow dope fiend
Fendi on my shoes, Fendi on my belt
I'm in the Fendi store I dont need help
+All Gold Everything+ like Trinidad
I went to high school with you bitch you been a rat
I don't got money problems, I got trust issues
Two things I gotta stay is with two pistols


[Outro: Yo Gotti]
Yeah, I had to do it for the streets home...
Do right, live life, home: God, Young, YG
Yeah, CMG, yeah...