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Artist: Young Jeezy f/ Fabolous, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, USDA
Album:  Cold Summer
Song:   White Girl (Remix)
Typed by: MrGreyGoose

That's riigh

Ricky Ross

[Weezy w/Ross ad-libin']
It's tha remix baby (Remix!)
That's right (Remix!)
It's tha remix baby (Remix!)
Tha remix baby

It's ya boy, Lo-So

Ha-ha!! (Remix!)
Young Money yall!

You know we keep that white gurl, Christina Aguilera (Owh, Owh, Owh!)
My jewelry too loud, babygurl I can't hear ya (Owh, Owh, Owh!)
I need 'bout 50 if them bricks is tha topic (Yuh!)
They know we run tha streets, mayn them boys best stop it
You know we keep that white gurl (Gurl!), Christina Aguilera (Yuh!)
My jewelry too loud, homeboi I can't hear ya (Owh, Owh, Owh!)
I need 'bout 50 if them bricks is tha topic (Owh, Owh, Owh!)
They know we run tha streets, mayn them boys best stop it

*[Jizzle talkin' over the chorus]
Slick Pulla, what's happ'nin nigga?
Blood Raw, what they do?
That's riigh hommie!
You already know mann.. Rrrreeemmiiixxx
Yuh, Yuh!
I see you, nigga.. Haha
You already know wha this is
We outta here

[Verse 1 - Young Jeezy]
Louis Vuitton doin nuthin' but wrong, tha bricks came from Panama (Owh, Owh, Owh!)
I ship 16 to Arkansas, and send tha rest to Wichitaw (Owh, Owh, Owh!)
Meet us for tha fever then, goin' down in Cleveland (Yuh!)
Yeah I put my taxs on it, you ain't wann' it? - Leave it then! (Haha!)
Niggas cryin 'bout that drought, 'cause I'm out doin' shows
87-32, nigga I rocks my own clothes (Woo!)
I'm ridin' Murcielago (Vroom!), I'm parked at Guillardo
So I got that off white, Nelly Furtado

[Verse 2 - Lil Wayne]
I got that white gurl, that Lindsay Lohan
And all you gotta do is ask Lindsay Lohan
And if you like that blow, then gurl I blow mines
So come and get this blow, and then you blow mines
And then you blow his, and then you blow his
I'm phresh out of Christina, but I got that Britney Spears (Ya dig?)
I got that white lady, so I'm drivin' Miss Daisy
And two grand flat get cha four and a baby


[Verse 3 - Fabolous]
You know I keep that white gurl (Gurl), Lindsay Lohan ('Han)
17.5 if ya friends of Snowman (Mann)
Bringin' straight cash, for them Benz's no plan
And you know these diamond Cartier lenses four grand
"Fab, four grand?!" - I ain't studder man
'Less you hear me bangin' Street Fa-na-na-na-am
Get 'em by tha hundred, I ain't talkin' bundles either (Nah!)
Love that white gurl, I got Jungle Fever

[Verse 4 - Slick P.]
(Ch'yah!)... (Ookayye!!)... (Let's go!!)
Block-a-namics, me and Fab' gon' school ya (Yah!)
Order up tha set, we gon' brang it riigh to you (Yah!)
Money on my mind like a fuckin' brain tumor (Okayye!)
Play wit tha bad - tha whole Brook comin' to ya (BROOOKLYYYNN!!)
Rookie of tha year, 'cause tha plays I make (Uh-huh)
Ordered 7 and a half, I tossed em to cool 8 (PHUREAL!)
And even tho I'm on tha 2, I'm still twurkin' 4's (Shhh)
Catch me in tha kitchen, with that Marilyn Monroe


[Verse 5 - Blood Raw]
I came in tha game on some white gurl shit (So whudd!)
Why df should I change for talkin' white gurl shit? (Christina Aguilera!)
Yeah, I luhh my bitch!
You should see her in Tha Ward - yeah, she does her shit (Mayn..)
Say, tha Feds still watchin', well I'ma give em somethin'
Check billboards, number 1 album in tha country (Haha)
Tha radio ban, the snow-video play
That's what fuck nigga (Oooh!), we still talkin' yay (Aiiyy)

[Verse 6 - Rick Ross]
We keep that white gurl, like to call her Tammy (Yuh!)
Born in Columbia, she moved to Miami (Aye)
Hilary Clinton, she my best friend (Yeh!)
Even co-signed for that new white Benz
Yeah, I'm stickin' to tha script, strippers take a vouch
Fuck ya I.Q., 'cause ya brain in ya mouf (Whudd!)
Shoes on tha Beamer, niggas call it Trina
I back that azz up, on tha screen I can see ya