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Artist: Young Jeezy w/ Bun B, Jadakiss, R. Kelly
Album:  Cold Summer
Song:   Go Getta (Remix)
Typed by: MrGreyGoose

[Intro - R. Key & Jizzle]
Kelly: Young Jeezyyy
Jeezy: Yeah, I can believe dat.. (CTE..) Who else nigga?
Kelly: And ya boy, Ke-ehh-ehhh-ells.
Jeezy: Okayye!! (Yuh!) 87-32, wha it do?
Kelly: Dat's right, keep clappin' yall
Jeezy: Kinky, I gotchu hommie!
Kelly: Oooh, Oooh, Oooh...
Jeezy: Let's get it!

[Chorus - R. Key w/ Jeezy ad-libin]
You know we trap all day (Oowhh!) play all night (Oowhh!)
This is the life of a, the life of a (Aye!)
Go getta (Aye!), go getta (Aye!), go getta (Yeeeeeeaah)
And in the club you see a bad bitch, point her out (Let's go!)
Yeah, you damn right Im'a (Aye), you damn right Im'a (Yuh!)
Go get ha (Yuh!), go get ha (Aye!), go get ha (Yeeeeeeaah)
(Let's go nigga, lemme talk to 'em!)

[Verse 1 - Young Jeezy]
First I buss-a-right, then I buss-a-left (G'yeah!)
Music so loud I almost went deaf (Talk to em, hommie.. Deammn!)
Hit the sweet once and then I hold my breath
Smoke every cigarello 'till it ain't none left
Got 50 in the clip, 20 grand in my pocket (Yuh!)
Money so big, Ionn even need a wallet (Ha-ha!)
72' impala same color as the pills (Woo!)
Red, white and blue - the same colla as the bills (Let's go!)
Here we go again, it's the mothafuckin' remix
Whole car smoked up, now I can't see shit (Nahh!)
Heater on my waste, got the sac in the back
Got the whole Escalade smellin' like the pack (Yuh!)


[Verse 2 - Bun B]
I'm in the triple black convertable GT Bentley
Trill UnderGroundKing, got the Queen right wit me (Yup!)
And things right wit me, and dat thang right on me
I'm a one-stop-shop and a one man army, wit the F3000 and the F350
Seven send you to heaver fo' bein' so shifty
We work up on the triple beam and wait on the 4 way
I hit the highway, ya way pimpin' wit my yay - there's no way
Dat anybody the scope you and {??} to holla at the effey
These streets have me codin' zones these more sessay
My seven jizzy james and Pimp C is my friend, so
You can take dat to the grave or the bank


[Verse 3 - Jadakiss]
Unhh!.. Unhh!.. Yo!
Niggas is too frail, you either a snake or a new snail
My heart as cold as the new jail
Everywhere I go they beggin' me
But 1 wrong decision can destroy ya legacy (Unh!)
Lemme see I can break 'em down and take longer to slow sail (Uh huh!)
Im'a chill fo' a minute - sit on 'em and hoe sail 'em
Buisness is just fine, none of ya folks tellin' (Unh!)
Shouldn't have it any other way when you coke sellin'
I don't know wha it is, I guess we was raised different (Yeah!)
Blowin' hayes standin' on the couch Roseye drippin' (Haha)
Air forces, hard {??}, my lofe sweater
D-Block, ya boy 'Kiss is a go getta