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Artist: Young Jeezy 
Album:  TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition 
Song:   Nothing
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[Intro: Young Jeezy]
Yeah, turn me up a lil' bit nigga
Wassup! It's Snow!

[Chorus: Young Jeezy]
Man them young niggaz killin 'bout nothin!
Show up at the spot with them choppers like nothin!
Full fifty shots, clear the block like nothin!
If you made it from the bottom to the top like nothin!
You don't owe a nigga nothin! Nothin! Nothin! Nothin!
Nothin! Nothin! Nothin! You don't owe a nigga nothin!
Nothin! Nothin! Nothin! Nothin! Nothin! Nothin!
You don't owe a nigga...

[Young Jeezy]
Put ya cups in the air, I'd like to make a toast
In case it go down, yeah you know I got my toast (Boom! Boom!)
And when you really from the streets that's when they hate you most
And when you really got it then that's when they hate you close (Yeaaaaaah!)
Knew him back in the day when we was gettin money
Now er'ry time I see the nigga he be actin funny
Don't you niggaz see it? I'm a lil' pressed for time
Wanna talk about the past, told 'em press rewind (Snow! Snow!)
And I ain't feelin what you sayin, hoe you out of place
I have you feelin what I'm sprayin, yeah it's on my waist (Boom! Boom!)
I'm tryna chill, smoke a couple with my lady friends
So they can meet me at the telly in the latest Benz


[Young Jeezy]
Nigga you see me gettin mine, you better get yours
Are you the one doin the serving or you gettin served?
Are you the one doin the jackin, or you gettin jacked?
Are you the one that's goin hard or you fallin back?
And I don't believe in fallin back, bitch I'm goin hard
They wanna see me fucked up, man I swear to God
They prayin that I fail, I'm prayin that I rise
I guess the hatin didn't work so now they tellin lies (Yeaaaaaaah!)
Oh "He ain't did this, and he ain't did that"
Boy keep it real wit ya self, you know he lived that
You ain't real, you don't give 'em what they askin fo'
Such a real nigga, what the fuck you askin fo'?


[Young Jeezy]
And you don't even know a nigga, whatcga hatin fo'?
And I ain't goin nowhere so what you waitin fo'?
Beat the street, this rap shit cake and ice cream
Fuck the sellin words, bitch I sold Ice Cream (UGGGGGGGH~!)
From the bottom to the top, that's a nice ring
How you make it out, Young? I had a nice scheme
And I don't owe a nigga shit, better get it right
Just know a nigga stayed down each and er'ry night
Hands-on, yeah I broke down my own thangs
Hands-on, yeah I counted up my own chains
Fifties over here, twenties over there
You know the rest, nigga fives and singles er'rywhere