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Artist: Young Jeezy f/ Drake
Album:  TM 103
Song:   Lose My Mind (Remix)
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[Intro: Young Jeezy]
Let's get it shawty
Oh this that shit right here nigga
What's up? Yeah, what's up nigga (103)
Yo, yooo, nigga 103!
Yo, you know when this shit drop in the club nigga
Yooo, yooo, let's go
Let's go!

[Chorus: Young Jeezy]
Why y'all trippin? I'm just fine
12:45, 'bout that time
Been at it all week, time to unwind
Drink like tank, lose my mind
This shit crazy, way too packed
Rosť baby, waste two stacks
Hardest thing in the lot, that there mine
Can't spell sober, lost my mind

[Young Jeezy]
I'm hearin voices in my head, think I'm schitzophrenic
I swear they sayin let's get it from another planet
Thirty-six a thousand times, I'm doin somersaults
Do it right and you can leave your whole summer off
I'm out my mind, yeah a nigga's seein double y'all
Tell me what's the chance of Jizzle fuckin both of y'all?
She said long as we could do it with your ice on
If that's the case we might as well leave the lights on
I'm out my mind, just blew a thousand swisha sweets
In my black and orange Charger, call it trick or treat
It ain't nothin to a boss, my goons got goons
House stupid dumb big, my rooms got rooms (yeahhh~!)


Do I love these hoes? Mmm, kinda sorta
I got 'em drinkin sangria like it's fuckin water
Some Miami women, tan lines showin
And they really 'bout whatever, shit is mind-blowin
Fuck what they talk, do what I say
Bust it open girl, and send it my way
You say you like it like that I think I like it too
Half a million in a week, it's only right I do
All seein eye, my eyes seen it all
I talk a lot of shit, I swear I mean it all
Yeahhhh, one-oh-three
And both fingers to the haters try and front on me, AHH!


[Young Jeezy]
Drop the top, no bra, got the tittes out
Mention my name and bring the whole city out
Doin what I do best, D-boy stuntin
New car, old money, D-boy stuntin (yeahhh~!)
Step in cleaner than a new glock-40
My nickname in the A, "Strapped Up Shawty" (yeah!)
You know my nerves bad, trigger like a toothpick
Line wrapped around the corner, boy too big (yeahhh~!)
G-Code, black shades and my black chains
But if you wouldn't understand it's a black thang
You know we drink that Rosť until we black out
Wake up, drink some mo' and pass back out


[Outro: Young Jeezy]
What's up nigga (103)
Yo, yooo, nigga 103!
Yooo, yooo, nigga 103
Yooo, yooo, let's go
Let's go!