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Artist: Young Jeezy
Album:  Its Tha World (Mixtape)
Song:   Es El Mundo Outro
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

This morning I woke up
To it from another dream
I sat up alone in my palace
Drenched in both sweat
My blood shut eyes were exposed by the sun raze
And being that I was alone
I was all exposed to myself
The silence that was going in my head
As I stepped out on the city
Chico there was a time when nobody believed in me
I always knew to look above it
And now, I'm looking above them
I want them to know about the struggle
The hussle,
And what to they know about adversities anyways
Ye, I come from the slums, but so what?
I could repeat it to you a hundred times if I want
I could write it in a letter
But nothing will let you know I'm Jefe
More than my cold silence

I can't help that we're the greatest
It's what they put us here for
And like that
(Es el mundo)
We're gone!