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Artist: Jeezy
Album:  Seen It All: The Autobiography
Song:   Win Is a Win
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I hope my words they insipre ya, spoke like a true leader
The first to admit life's more than two seaters
Man oh man how my priorities fucked up
Remember nights I'm passin' out in the Rari, too fucked up
My niggas say spend it cause you can't take it witcha'
Same time poppin' Cristal, posing for pictures
Ol' smart ass nigga, half right and half wrong
Only problem is he still here and the money gone
Oh me, oh my, give me a natural high
When I think about the nights we threw them Rollies in the sky
When I was so mother fuckin' clean on 'em, need a tie
Every hater in the club was just wishin' we would die
A hustlers life is filled with decisions he gotta make
Remeber when I got the news I was ready to cry late
Swear my levy was 'bout to break, lost religion and all my faith
I swear I seen the same shit happen to [?]
Can you imagine that look I had on my face?
Saw my nigga layin' still in a box with a waste
Got me feelin' sick, like I'm 'bout to vomit
I guess a loss ain't shit if you ain't learn somethin' from it
Got me pacin' round the room, yeah NASCAR nigga
See my nigga [?] in a fast car nigga
I'm like "Why you ridin' that? Them boys is mysteries nigga"
Live real or die tryin' is still a victory nigga