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Artist: Young Jeezy
Album:  I Do This 12"/I Am the Street Dream Mixtape
Song:   I Do This
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Speedy, you a fool for this one nigga! (Yuh! Haha..)
C.T.E. nigga, you already know what it is (Yeeeeeaah)
21 gun salute (Aye!), I 22's on my coupe (Let's go!)
I do this shit!

Tha Chevy standin' so tall, I'm lookin' down on yall
That's all I gotta tell you niggas - I do this shit!
Tha ice shine so bright, tha kush burn just right
My last time tellin' you niggas - I do this shit!

[Verse 1]
26's inches (Woo!) honey dew outside
Watermelon inside, that's a sweet ride (Daaaamn)
She diggin' me, checkin' out my paint job
And I'm diggin' her, trynna get a blow job (Yeeeeeaah)
And my job's hard, I keep +Hard Work+ (Aye!)
Yeah it's HARD now, but it was SOFT 1st (Gyeah!)
You know - off white, flaked-up, just pale
Chyna Whyte, oil base, talkin' fish scales (Hahaaa)
S550, yeah tha brand new Benz
Bought two tha same color, I call 'em +Siamese Twins+ (Daaaamn)
You can't outshine me, you can't outclass me (Nah!)
My wrist so shine, but my neck so flashy (Hahaaa..)
I do this shit!

[Chorus - 2x]

[Verse 2]
I'm with a gang of ho's, we at tha +Pappadeaux+ (Gyeah!)
Chevy sittin' on them large pies, call it +Domino's+ (Woo!)
Or maybe +Pizza Hut+, or even +Papa John's+
They was outta Crys' (Nah), so ordered one
I was like "WHAT!?", call me Lil' Jon (Yeeeeeaah)
Keep it so clean, so I'm fuckin' Don (Aye!)
I'm tha shit biaatch, that's right - tha fuckin' bomb!
200 carats, now that's a fuckin' charm (Daaaamn)
And this my +Lucky Charm+, and I ain't talkin' corn flakes (Nope!)
I know Philly niggas and they ain't sellin' cheese stakes (Nah!)
But if ya bread straight, you can get the whole 8 (Yuh!)
You don't act right - they comin' for your whole safe
I do this shit!

[Chorus - 2x]

[Verse 3]
Them bricks wrapped up, and I'm strapped up (Yuh!)
Nigga act up! Get capped up! (BRRRAAT!!)
See this big toy? Play if you wanna nigga
Head over here, you just around the corner nigga (Woo!)
I'm a heavy-weight, never boxed one round (Nah!)
In and outta state, never lost one pound
Nigga I'm crazy straight (Gyeah!), I flip crazy weight (Aaaye)
Now I flip tha mic', and that's crazy riiight?
(+Trap or Die+ nigga!) That's my favorite tune
I'm always in tha kitchen, that's my favorite room (Hahaaa)
And I'm bakin' mine, call me Duncan Hines
Ran thru a 100 grand, call it a waste of time
I do this shit!

[Chorus - 2x]