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Artist: Young Jeezy
Album:  The Recession
Song:   Don't Do It
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(Jeezy talking)
This is the greatest show on earth
Whats understood aint gotta be.. SIMPLE
Don't do it
(Jeezy talking)
Haha, I see you Zipo..I got you homie!
[Verse 1] 
No mo' JOSE, no mo' ROSE'...
They locked my dog up and that aint ro-zay...
All he wanted was the fame, make it last forever..
You get some one's, I get some one's
We make it rain together..
I'm talkin quabo dreams, cristal fetishes
Smokin' everyday, just to keep ya sanity
Just me and my nigga like 'WHAT UP DOE'...
Still partyin', the club closed an hour ago
I guess the back-to-back lambo's a thing of the past
We use to talk on a chirp, now we talkin' thru glass..
Just like the glass, I know he see's right thru me...
Transparent...I can't hide my window pain
Im thinkin' what to say to make him have a betta day
Im walkin' down this lil' hallway like 'what the fuck I'm gon say?'
As I'm walkin' down the halls I feel the stress in the walls
I need to lighten up, man...this shit is to tense
Feels like I need tums, my heart aches so bad
But when he see's my face, he's gon be so glad
Then I look into his eyes swear to God I seen his soul..
Tell me what can make a hot boy stare so cold?
As I looked a lil deeper, I saw a lil hope..
And then he cracked a smile, he still got his pride
Keep doin' what you doin', hold us real niggaz down...
No matter what you do, dont let us real niggaz down
[Chorus: 1x]
Jeezy don't do it...
Don't you let 'em down Young Jeezy
Don't you let 'em down Young Jeezy
No, no, no, no, no
Jeezy don't do it....
[Verse 2]
I done been through so much, real life done lost touch..
Inhale so much yayo I lost my sense of smell (haha)
And I don't mean that literally...but I mean this literally
These niggaz actors, me I'ma factor..
Known for movin' big money, I should've leased a tractor
No brakes, no tires, I'ma ride for these streets..
YEAHHH..until the wheels fall off!
It's gon take more than hate to get my focus off
+Can't knock the hustle+, still stackin' +dead presidents+..
They say he's on his was out, well thats a +reasonable doubt+..
+Aint no niggaz like the one's I got+..
+Friend or Foe+, +Politics as Usual+
I'm +Feelin' It+, still livin' wit regrets...
With all these +Imaginary Players+, +You Must Love Me+
I told y'all in due time...+The City Is Mine+

[Chorus until fade with Jeezy talking in the background]