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Artist: Young Jeezy f/ Freddie Gibbs
Album:  The Real Is Back 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Nicks 2 Bricks
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Whole thang....
He want a 36...
My dog been in the feds since 1996
Hey guess who's gettin bread back in 96?
Remember all them nights I wasn't havin shit
Now its Philippe Chow, so I gotta shit
Remember standin on the block, I had me 30 nicks
Talkin two door cars, I got at least six
And I'm straight up out the hood, now thats nicks to bricks

[Verse 1 - Young Jeezy]
Box of sandwich bags like we making turkey clubs
Told Gibbs when this drop we gon murk tha club
Now if yo shit didn't cost a nick, well then you smokin wrong
Ain't smoking what I'm smoking, nigga fuck you smoking on?
And all the whips foreign they got green cards
Done whipped up so much white, bitch I dream hard
Its hard to go to sleep with them birdies in the attic
Why you keep looking out the window, its just a bad habit
Now I got so many carrrots, call me silly rabbit
Third phone this week, I keep hearing static
Message to the police on the other line
Last thing you gon do is catch me with this 9


[Verse 2 - Freddie Gibbs]
Use to bag my dope and cut sixteen hundred up off a zip
Last year couldn't fuck these hoes in the club
Now I cant keep them off my dick
Where my homeboy Domincan H, he flip weights, said Fred go deliver these bricks
If a nigga try to flex like a boss, knock him off, fuck a loss, we ain't givin up shit
Strapped up like a navy seal
8 7 with the navy wheels
Rims match the paint
Now one of these rap niggas hate in the club wit no major deal
13 with a .38 pistol
Point blank but a nigga wont miss hoe
Niggas be on that gang bang shit
But I was thug with the thugs from the get go
On the road with a colder thang
Niggas in nap town need a 9
Homeboy caught a murder charge, been in the feds since 1999
From nicks to bricks, droppin key to a key
On the bus stop with them dimes
Started off with the dro
Then I moved to the blow
Living life will blow my mind?