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Artist: Young Jeezy
Album:  The Inspiration
Song:   Streets on Lock
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Hey (3x)
Hey (2x)

Let's Get It!
These niggaz hatin' they ain't talking bout shit (shit!)
I'm a grown ass man I flip my own bricks (Hey!)
I don't need your help I can hold my own dick (Haha!)
Ain't no ma'fucker help me write my rhymes (nope)
Ain't nan nigga paid for my studio time (nah)
See me at the top and wanna claim my fame (damn)
Nigga took my chain, yeah ma'fucking right (right)
You better off saying a nigga took my life (YEEAH!)
Wanna assinate my character, but I ain't acting (HEEY!)
It ain't adding up so you niggaz subtractin (CHYEAH!)
Big said it first, "More money, More problems" (problems)
The way I see it, more problems, more money (HEEY!)

[Chorus: 2x]
I got the streets on lock (lock)
Atlanta on my back (back)
I do it for the hood
You got a problem with that? (Haha!)
Real niggaz, so this rap shit easy (HEEY!)
When I speak these niggaz believe me
cause bitch I'm Jeezy (YEEAH!)

Eyes wide shut I don't see these niggaz (nope)
cause deep in your heart you wanna be me nigga (YEEAH!)
wanna stand in my shoes
wanna fuck my hoes
wanna live my life
wanna rock my shows (NOOOOO)
Ya young punks with ya loose ass lips (whoo)
I keep an AR with dem loose ass clips (Pow!)
What kinda real nigga names himself after a fag?
Nigga you's a hoe or a Louis Voutton fag (Haha!)
My name ain't dick so keep it out your mouth
It is what it is, look I am the south (That's right)
Big Mac, you niggaz small fries (CHYEAH!)
just another nigga, I'm more like a franchise (Haha!)


I was born in the field, raised in Atlanta (HEEY!)
Pops bust a nut here, so I was made in Atlanta (HAHA!)
Mat-Lou died so I stayed in Atlanta (YEEAH!)
Had a plug on the squares got payed in Atlanta
22's on the two door, it sit so right (right)
Ice tray on my wrist, yeah it shine so bright (bling!)
Make moves in the day, and I ball by night (CHYEAH!)
911 Porsche I was on that flight (zooooom sound)
5'9" 6'1" I call them the twin towers (Damn)
Had 'em on the "triple-stack"
hit 'em both in the shower (YEAH!)
Pedal to the metal bout a buck 85
Mr. 17-5 slow head when I drive (What's up)