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Artist: Young Droop f/ Tech N9ne
Album:  Moment of Impakt
Song:   Under Pressure Remix
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[Tech N9ne]
Got 'em all under pressure

[Chorus]x2: Tech N9ne
Hey mutha fucka hey mutha fucka hey
We can do it nigga any mutha fuckin' way
Gangsta shit, gangsta shit gun play
Or you can be the bitch and go the other fuckin' way
You gotta respect us
We got guns and we got a whole plethora
And I bet cha, every mutha fuckin' nigga in yo sector
Sick cuz we got 'em under pressure (pressure)

[Young Droop]
I gotta let it be know
I'm in the zone, gone, blown
Tryin' to be ya nigga that was independent from the beginnin'
You bet that I'm a win yet when I'm finished 
Niggas and bitches be trippin'
Because I got a couple of tickets
But do I fit the description [Hell yeah]
Muthafucka that's the reason why I'm filled with so much tension
Cuz I'm here with the couple of individuals switchin'
Tryin' to get together
But anotha nigga dissin'
I'm ready for the battle
With no matter whatever
You better be clever
Nigga use your thoughts
Now nigga who's the boss
Nigga look who you crossed
A mutha fuckin' sav
Nigga yo whole crew took a loss
I think ya better beware, better for you to try to make a move
Everybody bringin' a pistol what you tryin' to prove
Do what you doin' cuz you the one that's lookin' like a foo
And I guarantee that you'll meet up with doom
Until you holler and tell us you need the weapon 
That was kept up in the skeleton for way too many years
But now that I'm comin' to kill all 'em them niggas ain't feelin' me
And all I wanna do is make a few things clear
Well fuck' em, fuck 'em
I hate it when I'm hated
Because I gotta be separated for the nation
I'm tryin' to be patient
But niggas be trippin'
And switchin', actin' like bitches
But look at the individual they facin'
They put me in the category of Jason
I recommend for you to get to runnin'
Because I'm comin' to snatch ya, I'm at ya
My lyrical, miracle flow
Is takin' me deep in your ho
To another dimension, leavin' you lost
The sickest nigga ever to come out the Valley District
Take it like you don't want everyone to know I broke your record
The reason you dissin' and wishin' that they come up missin'
Because I got everybody and they mother under pressure
Got em' under pressure

[Chorus] x2

[Young Droop]
I gotta be down because I'm Northbound
And givin' it up for the town
To all the liquor drinkin' niggas in the hood
Tryin' to put the Valley on the map
And people tell me what I'm doin' is good
And keepin' it real like I should
Homies come up and give me dap
Heard of a couple of sacks back to back
To make a nigga wanna write
Then I take it to another level
They tell me whatever you do stay on the mic 
Ya better keep comin' tight
But I love to represent niggas
I know they hate that I made it
So now they wanna try and put me through the test
But I shoot 'em to the left
Because I got positive people tellin' me
Droopy you are dealin' with the best
Now nigga what the fuck is next
Niggas that know me is changin' like the weather whatever dawg
In competition for Nike
You're supposed to be out for your riches
I'm the individual with the biggest balls
Run up with the hog, yippy ya'll
Like my nigga from the mob
Told me, "Little brother you gotta do the job"
It's gonna take somebody like you
To give a sample like an example with the Valley
Then they'll treat you like a God
The nigga that's bigga than life
They can't even up with the price
With this shit I deliver, I bring it to the table
But look it I'm in it
I'm 'bout to go independent
Official Kritikal Rekords my own label
Leavin' niggas fucked up and disabled
You ain't know I'm flowin' and blowin' up
Was a Killa Valley entertainer
To all the rest of you local mutha fuckas watchin' for danger
Nigga to the mic you a stranger
They got me rappin' outta anger
Makin' it mandatory to put you in your place
Whenever you find a rebel that's on my level
Like the devil I'm a come heated
Spit fire in his face
I got 'em under pressure


[Tech N9ne]
Tech Nine, chea, chea
Seven execution style murders, YES!

Techa Nina be the killa for niggas who give me the evil
The silliest shit that a nigga heard of
Bitch pull yo skirt up
Give a nigga what he want the little hooker better hurr up
Word up, give me the jimmy and pull my shirt up
Make a nigga squirt up, murda
Mutha fucka that's Nine and Droop
Shit cannot stop my troop
Techa Nina gonna be the killa millennium murder
I love it shake it now do it baby, stick it baby
Lovin' every minute of a SAC BITCH!
When you hear it everybody RANKS IT!
Comin' out of Kansas City a handsome hippie
I brand the titties hit 'em with nine's
Never could you land sadities, we hand them cookies
My fans are with me they give it to me every time
They gotta be ready to get up and go
When niggas be comin' at you bustin' a fo-fo from the Mo
You fuckin' with Killa Valley you slippin' oh no
Nigga better do the opposite of slow-mo
Tech N9ne nigga, put the X in ya mind nigga
Get your roll on, get your hold on, Killa Valley a fracture
Even I might deliver the coming of a killer, the phantom of all niggas
Who want it with Nina well listen
I'll kill a bitch in a vision
You Milli Vanilli mutha fuckas were being murdered by the big bad wolf
Got 'em all under pressure

[Chorus] x2