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Artist: Yelawolf f/ Raekwon
Album:  Trunk Muzik 0-60
Song:   I Wish
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[Intro: Raekwon]
Chill, chill, chill, let 'em rhyme man
You know what it do man, just sit back, relax
Yelawolf, what up?
Raekwon in the building

I'm Alabama's own, buddy
Flintstone Caprice, 1987 cutty
Backyard, moonshine steel
Methadone laboratory real, can I keep it crystal clear?
Chipped tooth type of people
Illiterate pigs who wanna see you killed type of evil
Confederate flags, I see 'em
on a truck with the windows down, why is playing Beanie Sigel?
Cause his daddy was a dope man
Lynyrd Skynyrd didn't talk about moving keys of coke man
Ain't no such thing as a free bird
Billy's got that street work and he's packing a nasty heater
Trailer home trap spot, Chevys on the center blocks
Still doing donuts in the gravel parking lot
Gold ropes, cousin's in a group home
and he knows every word to every Yelawolf song, bitch

[Chorus: Yelawolf] + (Raekwon)
(I wish a motherfucker would)
tell me that I ain't Hip Hop, BITCH YOU AIN'T HIP HOP~!
(I wish a motherfucker would)
tell me that my shit gon' flop, BITCH YO' SHIT GON' FLOP~!
(I wish a motherfucker would)
tell me that I ain't Hip Hop, BITCH YOU AIN'T HIP HOP~!
(I wish a motherfucker would)
Hell naw
(I wish a motherfucker would)

Aiyyo, now let me tell you something youngsters, I'm never gonna sell you something
unless it's that snow white, we might mail you something
Me, I'm straight raw hood with it
Be at your door quick, four on your jaw, I got a new lick
My click of murderer niggas who love Hip Hop
You fuck with Yelawolf and them niggas, your head gon' pop
I'm just sincere, fresh cut, all up in the Lear, listen
Yo, leave him alone, he brought me along
Rap, he got it, I'm the crew pilot
Flying trains, planes, automobiles, we bout it, bout it
Yo 'Wolf, I think they got you twisted, flow
I got the biscuit on me, spit in his face, I'm bout to piss on homie
Who dem niggas? Just some Staten Island niggas
You could call us Shaolin where niggas get drunk, they'll hold you down my nigga
Yelawolf, Alabama's vandal, scramble
This the true ramble, aiyyo, give him your handle though


I appreciate it Rae
Slingshot me in quick like the Talladega Motor Speedway
King shit, blue ribbon rap
Baking soda's on the kitchen rack, Chef, what you need?
These fiends got an itchy back, get busy crack
I'll be in the cut, just call me Mr. Is He Back?
And you don't gotta call my black
I got direction, I'm a road map, I'm an Almanac
I'm in awe of these hogs who call on rap to ball and brag
Fuck all of that, Wu-Tang's in 'Bama bitch
Get a grip, handle it, Yela's in the revival tent
Vandalist, evangelist, daddy's got the cannabis
Make a wish, the candle's lit, white boys follow this
Mama's thirty-naught-six, long-range hollow tips
Trashed, huffing glue you build an airplane model with
In the gutter like an empty PBR bottle is


[Outro: Raekwon]
I wish a motherfucker would
Tell me, I wish a motherfucker would
Y'all niggas better watch y'all mouth man, for real
I wish a motherfucker would
Alabama in the building nigga, it go that far nigga
I wish a motherfucker would
We travel from here all the way to Asia nigga, you idiot
Fuck is y'all niggas talking about man?
I wish a motherfucker would
I wish a motherfucker would
Word up, I'll set my motherfucking man on y'all niggas man
For real, y'all niggas keep talking man
Keep acting like he don't know what he doing man
Yeah, it's all real, Yelawolf, Shallah Raekwon
It's going down nigga, Alabama to Shaolin my nigga
You know what it do nigga, Yelawolf nigga
I wish a motherfucker would