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Artist: Yelawolf f/ CyHi Da Prynce, Pill, Raekwon
Album:  I Wish (Remix) (S)
Song:   I Wish (Remix)
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[Intro: Raekwon] + (Yelawolf)
Chill, chill, chill, let 'em rhyme man
You know what it do man, just sit back (REMIX~!), relax
Yelawolf, what up? (Yeah)
Raekwon in the building

I wish a motherfucker the best of lucka
Suckers can kiss my pickle, adjust your lip up and fucking pucker
I got pull like a trucker, specifically Southern Louisville Slugger
tucked under Chevy rubber to bust your bubble
Hug your mother, don't lie to your brother
You know Yela's trouble, call the police, look at these bleeding knuckles
Alabama's elephant feet rumble
Get pummeled and beat underneath the concrete like a street plumber
Give me the bucks from in the trees, hundreds of leaves
cover the Mossy Oak sleeves, I got 'em, believe it momma
Corny motherfuckers, we shuck 'em
And animals, we stuff 'em, a cannibal, he's bluffing, naw
Woke up in the morning with a fucking pen and a pistol
I put one to the paper, I put one to my fears
Stuck up a shop with the pen, then I shot up my notebook
I'm reading bullet holes, I wish a fucker would

[Chorus 1: Yelawolf] + (Raekwon)
(I wish a motherfucker would)
tell me that I ain't Hip Hop, BITCH YOU AIN'T HIP HOP~!
(I wish a motherfucker would)
tell me that my shit gon' flop, BITCH YO' SHIT GON' FLOP~!
(I wish a motherfucker would)
tell me that I ain't Hip Hop, BITCH YOU AIN'T HIP HOP~!
(I wish a motherfucker would)
Hell naw
(I wish a motherfucker would)

[CyHi Da Prynce]
Yeah, what up KP?
CyHi, Yelawolf

Hello all my fellow crooks, as I let the cigarillo cook
I'm Kool-Aid, I got that ghetto hook
I got a white bitch who said she went to Pebblebrook
Graduated in '03 and love Yelawolf
I got more numbers than a yellow book
and I took more shots than Carmelo took
Huh, so I'm used to being an underdog
Send my goons to come assault every last one of y'all
No wonder all they broads take their pajamas off
Lick up under balls whenever I want to call
I'm a convict, but I don't wear orange
I'm so raw, catch me in my rare form
I've been fly, my momma gave birth to me on a plane nigga
so I guess you could say I'm airborne/air-born
I'm running my city, getting my mayor on
Stay on my grizzly, you know I +bear+ arms

[Chorus 2: CyHi Da Prynce] + (Raekwon)
(I wish a motherfucker would)
try to run up on me, I keep that clip cocked
(I wish a motherfucker would)
tell me that ain't kush that's in my ziplock
(I wish a motherfucker would)
Huh, tell me I ain't Hip Hop, bitch my shit hot
(I wish a motherfucker would)
(I wish a motherfucker would)

Au contraire mon frere, one pure pain giver
Don't ingest this, it might cause corrosion of the liver
Toxic, drop-kick opponents on arrival
This ain't Hip Hop, this is the manual to survival
Take notes fake folks, imitators and lovers
A true to life Jesus risen up from the gutter
I'm on something different from the rest of you rappers
and that's real shit, Pill spits exactly what happened
This is chemistry, diminish these beats, explain in vivid scenes
of what occurred on streets and I doubt if you know what it really means
Cultural differences divide us and our nemesis
when music is the food for living, I think we all forgetting this
Born into poverty, hard-torn obviously
Dad gone so we tryna figure out how to eat
Older brother hustling, momma working overtime
Now we're standing in the kitchen whipping bank, it's soda time

[Chorus 3: Pill] + (Raekwon)
(I wish a motherfucker would)
tell me this ain't straight dropped yams fresh out the pot
(I wish a motherfucker would)
tell me this ain't a trap spot serving it to a block
(I wish a motherfucker would)
tell me this ain't a yam shop, come and order your rocks
(I wish a motherfucker would)
Ok then, yeah
(I wish a motherfucker would)