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Artist: Young Noble f/ Hopsin, Lowkey
Album:  Outlaw Rydahz Vol.1
Song:   The End
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[Intro: Young Noble]
Outlaw Rydahz Volume One
Lets go
The Noble Outlaw

[Verse 1: Young Noble]
Eyday another couple problems
Rappers wanna sell they soul for a couple dollas
Killuminati time to occupy hip hop
Runnin' through that radio station
Smack the diss job
Place a new Lowkey laws of Hopsin
So called the Program directed for Hostage
A boots got mileage
Slow homie I walk these
Then we got the G-ride
We need car keys
Just a baby I probably needed the car seat
Hard head, skull like concrete
You don't plan plot to strategize in the nether world
Like my old kind doin' all the devil work
Dare teach ya if you don't get it first
Are you that nigga gettin' driven in a rented hearse
From sunny California to the bricks of London
Nigga eybody strugglin' eybody hustlin'
What would you do to come up

And if I only could, Make a deal with God
Get him to swap our places
Be running up that road
Be running up that hill
Be running up that building
If I only could

[Verse 2: Hopsin]
I've got a harsh life
And now I live on the dark side
Starin' in the past just wonderin' how ma heart died
Ma mental stables at a separate way
I put my life out through this pencil scribblin' till the pencil breaks
I say grace with the rage face
I walk for miles down this road and ended up in the same place
I feel like theres nothing I can't say
Hopsin gots some dysfunctional brain waves
Livin' life in the basement
Strivin' to make it
Slightly impatient
This rap shit Ima highly embrace it
And use it for what its worth till I can buy me a bracelet
A new chain, a new car, an sb nikes to skate with
I turn a dope rapper to a bad example
To make him hate his life enough to cut his adam's apple
The day that I was born hell sprung
And I'll be waiting for all of your souls when 2012 comes


[Verse 3: Lowkey]
What does it mean
Sometimes I feel like I'm lost in a dream
And everything that I perceive is really not what it seems
They wanna tell me who I am
And tell me who I should be
Never told me what I can
Or told me what I could be
Never understood me
Like my words with Sumerian
Comin' straight out the belly like my birth was Caesarean
Disturbin' the Aryans
And suburban Americans
Reverses the versa every mercenary and buried em'
This ones global, shout out to Young Noble
Pun showed you how to change the world with one vocal
And we can do the same
We arranged the whole music game
It can bruise your brain
But also cause your whole view to change
This vocals are mine
I'm opening mine open your mind
All over the globe they rewind just caught in my rhymes
Forget the monarchy my main name is independence
For watch the throne got heir like a King's descendant


[Outro: Malcolm X]
Who taught you to hate yourself?
From the top of your head to the soles of your feet