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Artist: Young Noble f/ Baby Girle
Album:  Noble Justice
Song:   Your World
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[Chorus: Baby Girle]
It's for my homeboyz
And my homegirlz
Do ya thang lil mama
This is yo world
It's for my homeboyz
And my homegirlz
Do ya thang lil daddy
This is yo world

[Verse 1: Baby Girle]
They say Baby Girle off the hook
Good lookz -- bring bookz
Look at all yall shook
And I ain't even reached High School yet
Already sayin' Baby Girle a true vet
True to this
Throwin' bows like Ludacris
Turn it up
You probably like "yo who is this?"
Baby Girle say my name right
Spit the game tight
Like Allen I. I'm likely to score 50 any given night
Anything you could do
I could do better
They sayin' Baby Girle cold
Wear a sweater
And though I'm 10 years old
I'm gettin' better
They say I'm 10 years cold
Known to change weather

[Chorus: Baby Girle] x2

[Verse 2: Baby Girle]
Dreams come true
Better aim for the sky
But when I come thru put ya hands in the sky
Make room for the new Tiger Woods of rap
Make room for ya Baby Girle movin 'em back
Young and smart
Hip-Hop ?? love the art
Ya know Baby Girle
We rockin' this from the start
Ya know Baby Girle headin' for the top of the charts
Ya know ya whole town'll come
I'll do a show in yo park
Come on

[Chorus: Baby Girle] x2

[Verse 3: Young Noble]
This for my homeboyz
And my homegirlz
Young Noble Outlaw
And Baby Girle
If you ain't know about her dawg
Ya know her now
Get ready cause the Lawz bout to put her out
Outlaw Recordz
This what Pac wanted
We headed straight to the top
You can't stop it
Watch this homey ?? you could write a book about it
Can you imagine how the rap game would be without us
I know you hate to see the Lawz with this kind of status
You can't wait to see the Baby with a million dollaz
She representin' for them young girlz everywhere
For the streetz
We got Outlawz everywhere
From the baddest little kids
To the grown folks
We let cha get yo lil' shine
Now it's our turn
Baby Girle and the Young N-O-B-L-E
WorldWide -- throw the dub if ya ridin' wit me