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Artist: Young Noble f/ Ed Bone, Val Young
Album:  Noble Justice
Song:   Baby Mama
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[Verse 1: Young Noble]
Aye yo...
I got a special kind of baby
We don't go thru too much drama
We always try to solve our problems
Even though she like to argue
And I sometimes I dont want to
Damn, everyday it be always somethin'
I know she only mad
Cause her stinkin' ass love me
And lil Noble Justice ass look just like me
Even when she fight me
She really wanna kiss me
Even when she despise me
Her ass really miss me
I ain't lying I be missing her too
You had a good Baby Mama you'll be missing her too
It ain't a thang you could say about her
It ain't a day without her
Forever we bonded, uhh

[Chorus: Young Noble, Val Young]
Even though we argue to death
Girl you know I still love ya to death
My baby Mama
Even though we might fuss and fight
Best believe we gon' thug tonight
My Baby Mama
Even though I know I drive her crazy
She happy that she had my baby
My Baby Mama
We both mad cause I broke the house
We both mad cause we bonded for life

[Verse 2: Young Noble]
She said I'm gettin' on her last nerve
At it too can outlast hers
And you can guess who get the last word, uhh
I let her get that
My son know who daddy is
I can remember when we ain't even had a kid
And that's a terrible thought
Some cats run from responsibility
Caught by the courts
But you judged by the court of the law
She ain't got a father to hug
And you ain't got a daughter to call
If yo baby mama yo wife
Or you got visitation rights
You need to make it right
It ain't ya life
Dawg it's the child involved
Get along
No matter what that's gon' be ya baby moms
If another nigga fuck her
You will not trust her
But you still gotta love her
Ya first baby mother
I ain't break the roof
Imma state the truth
Everyday ain't fruits
But we makin' it thru
Come on...

[Chorus: Young Noble, Val Young]

[Verse 3: Ed Bone]
I might stay out late
From stackin' all the money I make
While them other bitches keepin' it fake
You was keepin' it real
With the young souljah out on the field
Plus I understand the way that you feel
You fuckin' with me
While them other bitches nuttin' to me
I knew that you was coming with me
It was no suprise
When I met you and I looked in yo eyes
You stopped fuckin' with them other guyz
It used to be some creep shit
Til we got into some deep shit
Said I got her pregnant
Said that she was keepin' it
I had her sprung
Lil mama was young
Neva thought that this time would come
Now you the one
Stickin' it out
With or without
Thru the bullshit workin' it out
You be workin' yo mouth
But you get the benefit of the doubt
Any other bitch I'm kickin' her out
For my baby mama

[Chorus: Young Noble, Val Young]