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Artist: Youngbloodz f/ Bone Crusher, Lil' Jon, Ludacris, Jermaine Dupri
Album:  Damn! (Remix) 12"
Song:   Damn! (Remix)
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Youngbloodz.. come out and play {*laughs*}


[Dupri] You know we had to do a remix
[Luda:] If you don't give a damn we don't give a fuck! (yeah!!)

[Dupri] + (Lil' Jon)
Uh huh, So So Def (what?! what?!)
To Youngbloodz (ya know?!) Uh Lil' Jon (yeah!)
(Yeah! yeah!) Bonecrusher (yeah!)
And my man Ludacris (let's go!) let's go!

[Verse 1 - Ludacris]
Yeek yeek motherfucker going four years strong
Got plenty haters really wishing I ain't last this long
And please don't get it twisted I ain't Hollywood yet
I just jumped in that movie to get a big ass check (that's right)
So fool break yourself, that's the phrase that pays
I'm bout to open my own shop AK's and Chevorlet's
I just bought 20 acres and I'm still in the hood
They like damn, Luva Luva doing pretty damn good (that's right)
When it comes to this paper I don't slack to get it
But call me lazy cause my crib's got an elevator in it
That's right, it's sorry to say but it's harder to see
And I don't have to hit the club I bring the party to me
Cause I'm the Lord of Lords and the King of the Kings
I never claim to be hard just down for my team
Shawnna, 20, Chingy, Tity and Fate
I grab a booty and pinch then lick a titty and shake

[Sean Paul]
Now I'm back in the street working stacking my bread
Put some in the hood cause I got plent to spread
Bought a brand new 'Lac on some brand new feet
Wit a brand new grill shining like gold teeth
Still ride wit AK's, still a sweep the street
But I'm a real G and I ain't got no time for beef
I don't change for na nigga I'm a part of the street
And live life everyday like it's a party to me
But I'm fa sho wit it, if there's money to be made boy I'm a go get it
Split it wit the hood again get some throw wit it
Catch me swervin through your hood no we didn't did it
Straight up sippin on some Henny ain't no coke in it
I leave the change for the suckas
Separate the hard motherfucker from all the bustas
To the grinders and the hustlers so I know that you feel me
Put your hood up in the air and represent for your city (yeah!!)

[Chorus - Ludacris & (Lil' Jon)] {*Bone Crusher in background*}
If you don't give a damn we don't give a fuck! (hey!)
If you don't give a damn we don't give a fuck! (hey!)
If you don't give a damn we don't give a fuck! (hey!)
If you don't give a damn we don't give a fuck! (hey!)
(Don't start no shit there won't be no shit!)
(Don't start no shit there won't be no shit!)
(Don't start no shit there won't be no shit!)
(Don't start no shit there won't be no shit!)

[Verse 2 - J-Bo]
Now who the hell wanna tangle my angle I'm setting off
To the party no Bacardi, like Crusher, we breaks 'em off
Youngbloodz and Ludacris, in which you know the name
We burning through yo speakers like big balls of flames
And pimpin like hurricanes, we blowing through ya town
Whipin out ya system and shutting the club down
Cause we - don't give a fuck, already you know the deal
Like soldiers we walk soft (shh) so listen close and clear
Cause we gon' act a fool and send chumps back to school
Then teach them motherfuckers to never break the rules
Lesson one - some pimps don't never crack the style
Lesson two - respect it, been doing it for a while
A-Town's our bound, we bumping down ya block
Switching from lane to lane, you know it don't stop
We back and still foolish and poppin like once befo
So go and throw it up, my people now hit the flow (yeah!!)


[Verse 3 - Bone Crusher]
I won the strong arm competition, in '94
For benching 600 hundred pounds, and no mo'
That equal six of ya featherweights that goin to hit the flo'
So if a nigga wanna buck, then a nigga need to know
I'm serious with this, pardon my French but I'm the shit!!
I'm six fucking seconds away from catching these bricks
When it's all said and done and I engulf the sun
Pathetic ass, fucking mortals, when you hoe niggaz learn
I grind for this paper, shake a nigga down for this paper
These under 'chiever niggaz always hate ya
So you gotta keep it mean, and lock and load on these cakers
Ya'll niggaz harder then my daughter on a 7 o'clock wake up
Youngbloodz and Bone Crusher, fuck niggaz discover
Put them fight strips on ya and watch ya suffer
They call me mutilator, a bitch nigga bluffer
Want ya see me in the streets with all that mean mug brother, ya bitch! 


Don't let that drank get ya FUCKED UP nigga!