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Artist: XV f/ Pusha T (Clipse)
Album:  Awesome (S)
Song:   Awesome
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Hehehehe, yeah~!
How y'all doin out there? (Alright, alright)
Thank you for joining me this evening
How y'all feel?

Cause I feel so, awesome
How you feel? Awesome
I guess that's, awesome
Shorty you fine
and your body is, awesome
Wanna roll? Awesome
Well let's go - awesome
Hands in the sky like

I'm A-W-E, some call me awesome
Some call me Viz-zzy, honies call me often
Gator on my shirt, what did it like cost him?
Jesus Christ I'm good, please don't cross him
"How rude!" Stephanie Tanner
You don't gotta watch me but, please watch your manners
And I, be gettin green so mean, Bruce Banner
Get the love and presents man, I'm the new Santa
And uhh, I'm sayin, Kansas where I'm stayin
Where niggaz be bang bangin like pops on the Wayans
And even through the hatin and wars they thought I'd stay in
Pssh, who you playin? I done went Super Saiyan
It's that, off the glass, off the floor, off the board jam
We in the building, you wishin you had the floor plans
You just a door man - door, man
Damn, I wish I had more hands

Now tell me what got two thumbs and knows how to spit rhymes?
Two thumbs up, you gon' point 'em at this guy
Al Edison couldn't be this fly
So ask how I feel and you know I'll reply like


[Pusha T]
History in the makin, ain't you feelin it?
Thief flow, they say I'm on some chill Philly shit
My solo discography, I'm buildin it
Now every time you hit the spacebar I'm killn it
YEUCH~! I'm so fuckin awesome
Two hundred thousand was paid to outfloss him
They don't wanna follow my lead, I gotta force 'em
To keep the competition in line, you gotta torch 'em
Fire engine red, in that drop head
Haters drop dead when I'm in that bobsled
Covergirl on my side and she bobs head
Sayin yes to my denim as she nods in
Ex P from the middle of the map
I'm comin to you live from the middle of the trap
The colors in the chain like Skittles out the pack
The hustler, teamin with the gentlemen of rap, now let's go

[Interlude] + [Chorus]

Ay, I'm awesome; everytime I lay it down
I think that I kill 'em, play possum
Deathproof ride with Rosario Dawson
Tell 'em open wide when they see how I'm flossin - bing!
Cooler than a peppermint, "Wayne's World" excellent
"Party on Garth - shcwing!"
Work at it harder than a Mexican
That's why I can walk up into any restaurant and close the whole - thing!
See, even G couldn't F with it
Semi-colon dash parenthesis, text messegin
That's a side smiley face, cause I'ma make the best of it
I assume you should make room for the hell of it
Boom, where I come from is irrelevent
Cause my glory is all that I revel in
And my story begins where most others end
So all I really gotta tell 'em is...


[Chorus] - repeat 2X