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Artist: X-Clan
Album:  To the East, Blackwards
Song:   Grand Verbalizer
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

(Grand Verbalizer, what time is it?)
(Grand Verbalizer, what time is it?)
(Grand Verbalizer, what time is it?)

[Verse One: Brother J]
African, very African
Come and step in Brother's temple, see what's happenin
Then taste the bass flow, comin from a zero
Tell me what a sissy know! Funkin lesson is a new flow
Stalkin, walkin in my big black boots
Living off the earth eatin herbs and fruits
The children await me by the mountain and the river
And gather 'round the fire for the scrolls that I deliver
And speak of a house that's from the sand the the sky
And devils ever-doubtin, want to measure how high
Your logic reveals you, your mind can't catch it
Dimensions of a God goes far beyond brackets
Come into my oven devils, come and you burn
I can always beat a vulture with the strength in black word
You're pissin me off because you swear you're higher level
Back to your cave, get yourself together
Chilly and Magilla, chocolate and vanilla
How can polar bears swing on vines with the gorillas? Please
Check your reasoning cause there's something amiss
My home is the void, you drown in abyss
I teach a funk code and don't preach a rap rhyme
Harambe to the sun as the mortals ask time

(Grand Verbalizer, what time is it?)
The funkin lesson comes, the sun dial speaks
(Grand Verbalizer, what time is it?)
The building of the strong on the lessons of the meek
(Grand Verbalizer, what time is it?)
My science is deep, my blackness is deep

[Verse Two: Brother J]
(HOW DEEP?) Deep, deeper than Atlantis
Deeper than the seafloor traveled by the mantis
You copycats'll never know
With you the funk'll never flow, but that's another blow
Make your move beef apprentice, I never step
I'm a tribal move your master hasn't figured yet
Bring your weapons to my sword and shield
What's the higher level if your shit ain't real!
My mystic magic, what'cha gonna do?
Think before you step before the rebel silly mortal you!
I tried to warn you but your mind won't catch
You're just cookies in my oven
If I want to burn a batch you just burn!

[Interlude: Professor X]

[Verse Three: Brother J]
Like this, like that and like that, like this
How dark is the world, how strong is a fist?
Originals come from the sand and the sword
to the concrete, fightin wars in the street
The Day of Outrage, history another page
You lack the word of this, but now there is a Brother J
The Prince of Warriors, leadin masses
Stomp a little bit, punks playin asses
The damn sissies always stalk for the glory
Sissy bomb is comin, but that's another story
So many people forgot where they came
Disrespect religion, but their living is lame
Blackwatch how you livin? (ZOOM!) Flow in the Nile (ZOOM!)
Teach the many mortals, the times of a sun dial
To the East, teachin Gods to be
What it was, what it is, and again shall be
What's my mindstate if my state ain't black?
But Moses, Malcolm and Huey are back
And the voice to a many goin verb to verb
Sit back and take heed, brother YOU MUST LEARN!
Swimmin in the books and the books ain't givin
The scales of a Blackman, ways in the livin

(Grand Verbalizer, what time is it?)
I dwell among the mortals, the time is in the verse
(Grand Verbalizer, what time is it?)
Positive nature, mortals fall and curse
(Grand Verbalizer, what time is it?)
Shadows in the sunlight, balancing the birth

[Verse Four: Brother J]
Tick tock tick we go sun to moon
Verbalizer speaks it's a quarter to doom
Self-destruction is not a key function
Never rhyme the leaders cause the people keep frontin
When will they realize? The Body needs Head
It's more than what's said when a leader lies dead
Come into the darkness, past is light
Death meaning life as the pharaohs take flight
Too much degrees for a silly pale thief
You can't define what's direct from the East!
Gods protect me, he selects me
God makes a path so the world respects mine
Zero to nine, brandish creator
I pray for those on both sides of equator
Professor X, when will they learn?
Once life enters doors, death no return, no return

[Professor X]
This is an invitation, to the crossroads
With a KEY!!