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Artist: Xale
Album:  Xale
Song:   Show Off
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Verse 1:

The buck stops here
Collecting emcees in the front of my truck my bad reindeers
Call ya misses and tell her xale is going to make it rain dear
Made my pain clear
But don't play this game with tears
Save the stage for years
Paint the page with mirrors
So I can reflect on what I write
Do I detect jealousy? C'mon-guys
Your head is green and girls are saying let-us
Put some lead in your pencils
In a thong ya hot but I wanna make you choke on my pole
It's a long way to the crop if wanna smoke on the dole
This is the start of a new book
Try and get in my ring I won't chew but you'll get the hook
I wanna chicken head but don't fetch me a chook 

Verse 2:

Back to the drawing board is what went through my mind
Crack my pen cos drawing got me board so I fastfoward time
That glass jaw isn't mine
Im damaging this beat
I've lost faith in U.K rap who's managing the streets?
Call me a show pony
Hoe blow me
Foes know me
The Simpsons are done I'm at moes lonely
Started off listing to the off-spring
See you guys next summer cos I've gone off spring
Walkmans to disk mans to iPods
We're now gawking at a vision that leaves us robbed
Fuck it tease a cop
You don't like my raps give me a reason to stop
Fall into my traps cos it's hunting season release with a dot

Verse 3:

This is the wind up verse
Cos I wind you up so much it hurts
Look on a serious note 
I played the game of delirious quotes
It got me nowhere in a hurry
At first I didn't care for the money
Riddle can't fuck a milf but you have to sleep with a mummy
Now people fear what they don't understand
I'll make this clear I'm gonna free slaves of pop music call me Abraham 
This will be banned
I even if I won an Oscar it would be canned
It's funny in real life the people least like puppets are the homeless man
Ha ha ha bring it
At the bar bar bar drink it
In ya car car car sing it
Dah Dah Dah sheen it!