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Artist: Xale
Album:  Xale
Song:   The Devil in a Hoodie
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1st Verse:

Satan's got his jumper on
Pagans get ya runners on
Damian's who his here to visit yeah his favorite son
And it's been way to long
Everyone who did a saonce
Get two pennies for your eyes it's going to be chaos
Just hope GOD lets it rain remorse
Noah's boat just sank and his dying wishes were for me to lay this song
The Dininchi code won't work cos the picture was painted wrong
He actually arrive in 2012
And that's not blasphemy but I might stilI burn in hell
He promised me to make my vermin well
Honestly I take my surname like a shell
There was the creation of William Wallace
So me a relation of someone who killed men in a forest
I just spill the pen and try to keep it honest

2nd Verse:

Fucking rock star
Chucking at my top bar
Fuck off bitch there will be no clucking on my top bars
But after the show start sucking on my hot stuff
Open ya legs fuck wait I'm barking at the wrong cunt
It's gonna get darker next summer
Because while it's endless for you
I'm busy defending the truth
Over spending like the youth
Is not what I'm doing
So on the mic it's pretty fucking hot what I'm spewing
Centerlink payed me out
Which led to several drinks and I stopped paying them out
Well at least for now
Ale we got to bail no probs my keys are out
Back to the bottel-o fuck my visa's failed

3rd Verse:

So the difference between both verses
If your listing now you will see how our service
Is perceived by non hip hop heads
To them we're retrieved and even though we spit hot were back from the dead
All of us lucifer or demonic forces
And can maneuver evil people like Masonic horses
But truth is we are poets that have or had struggle
And the youth know it like a four piece puzzle
We may use chronic but suits are fucking whores under a tunnel
I don't know about you but I picked up the mic to get in no more trouble
They all see us as a devil in a hoodie
It's not hard to get on my level just crack open a woodie
My backs broken from work and so it should be
Otherwise to see the concrete crack open wouldn't be so buitifully
Hip hop is one drug that won't lead to an overdose