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Artist: Xale
Album:  Australian Wildlife
Song:   Take Me to Your GOD
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1st Verse:

Head full of Karma
Red pools of drama
My lead drools a Martyr 
I said tools are nada...
Now take off the sunnies and expose that third eye
Brake into something don't doze birds see you fly
Words be do or die
Flirt with the night
Pages burnt like our sight
Manic depressed
Ban-it I guess
Dam-it's a mess
In the Arabian sand I confess
Like Satan land it's possessed 
Debating lamb or goat I flee the test
And bleed though this vest

2nd Verse:

Rappers are prophets 
Does it matter if I'm honest
I sat in Adam and Eves forest
Ate the tree leaves till I vomit
Then planted the seeds of the apple core
Chanted on my knees and saw a snake rattle on the floor
This isn't a battle it's war
Like slayed cattle it's raw
Caved in the mantle and kicked through the door
Then laid with robe and sandals next to a sacrificial whore
Pulled the knife and just before I slit
Thought I ruled out the idea of a wife but I didn't so let her live
Now she's GODs daughter but Satins kid
We were made to live
The meal of life is a plate of shit
Now I need a grave to dig 

3rd Verse:

Death is over once we are born
Test me sober and I will show you every thorn
I flow through this storm
Then bow the horns...
And leave a new mark on the beastman
See me after dark with the last key to your region
I'm seeping weeping creeping and bleeding
Because all I have seen in this life is he-man demons
Your keen to be-them
I feed you reasons
To defeat the key-men
In every season...
Shaved head the funk munk
Made my bed it's a hunk of junk
Can't deal with life so I sunk your jug
See you vicious like that punk