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Artist: Xale
Album:  Australian Wildlife
Song:   Family Crisis
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1st Verse:
Gun gets cocked back 
Can't run so he reaches for the mobile dropped in his lap
Feeling locked and trapped
When the questions start from Kelly
She asks where's my daughter I want no suggestions cos she's missing and on the Telly
He starts sweating and shaking
She lights a dart and and says you-should-be-betting on ya knees breaking
Can't leave till she's here otherwise ya life I'm taking
Got a knife but there will be no cooking or baking
Made it so obvious a rookies mistake
He buys time by putting his foot on the brake
Remember when we slept together all those years ago? 
She says yes in December I wept like forever when you let me ago
Multiple personalities and mood swings make you an unfit mother
And she will be worse-without-me cos I'm her real father
I thought you should know before you go at me any harder

2nd Verse:
The surprise in her eyes shows theres no lies
And he dials still on trial but now worth her while
She gave birth to his child
And know its out in the open
She drops the gun before unloading...
Bullets into his heart
Last words to him couldn't have been harsh
Instead she said said through her his left his mark
And knows they will never be together but his love has gone dark
Like being on a swing at the wrong park
No ring no queen
Plenty of sting from a king...
Who has lost his life in exchange for nothing
But their girl is enraged and in a few years she will be an orphane
Revenge is a dish best served cold
And don't pretend for a wish especially if it evolves selling your soul