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Artist: Wyclef Jean and Ivy Queen 
Album:  In the Zone [Single]/Original Rude Girl 
Song:   In the Zone 
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[Samples from Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing" Played throughout] 

I believe in miracles 
Where you from? 
You sexy thing (you sexy thing, you) 
I believe in miracles 
Since you came along 
You sexy thing 

Uno, dos (check it out), tres, cuatro 
I woke up in a dream, Wyclef and Ivy Queen 
Drinkin with your Hennessey, you spit on Louis the XIII 
I ain't tipsy but C-O-P stopped me 
Cause I'm with Omar, a Puerto Rican with a Lamborghini 
Ole, ole but this ain't a bullfight 
Late at night, I'm gonna bring the fright of Poltergeist 
Looked at me through the shades, 
Tried to play me like a hermit 
I looked at Omar and said, "Yo pass me my gun permit" 

[Ivy Queen] 
Todas las culturas se unen esta vez 
Representando los Boricuas junto a Wyclef 
Queena es mi nombre el original Borinquen 
De tal manera demuestro como, so come again 

Yes, Queena, de que es al pa' ahí 
Que no se olvide de qué es la ley 
Vamos celebrar en el tola y va cantando 
Y combate lo que me pertenece 

Hey where you from Ivy Queen? 

[Ivy Queen] 
Puerto Rico, One time! 

Hey yo all my thug cats, back to the crime 
Hey where you from Ivy Queen? 

[Ivy Queen] 
Puerto Rico, One time! 

[Samples from beginning] 

He looked at my permit and said, "Get out the car" 
I'm about to bring the earth, wind, and fire life from Shining Star 
Looked at him bizarre, I said, "Hell no" 
The music got tense in a place called el barrio 

[Ivy Queen] 
Representan no de maneras, man 
No hay colo-nias  que nos detengan 
La-tinos, vengan, siempre sobresalen 
A los americanos  demostrando lo que saben 
Come again, yeah 

[Chorus x2] 

Ivy Queen, there was no one around the street 
Was like ghost town, six cop cars, one black, one Porto Rican 
I ain't a shook one, so I got out the car 
I close my eyes, son, I'm waitin for police to blast one 

[Ivy Queen] 
Te digo lo que ?, demuestro lo que doy 
A (yeah) todos los hermanos habrán pasos te voy 
Que no dejes, que no crees que vengo esta vez 
La Queena, una vez más, para hacer lasos entender 

[Chorus x2] 

Yo, check the story, I thought I was dead (Oh shit) 
Here comes Ivy, in a black Beemer 
Pumpin this in my Rivera 
Cast the guns, this ain't salsa 
It ain't? That's the Macarena 
Cause when I looked at the cop badges, I saw no number 
How do I know if he's an imposter? 
I'm 'bout to feed him to the lobsters 
And take him shoppin to the Bahamas, and hide with mobsters 

[Ivy Queen] 
? ay 
Que a mí me puedan tumbar, ay 
Ya yo soy la Reina y te lo vine a demostrar 
Man, libra, que los Latinos son high, high 
? son del medio ? 
Te digo lo que ?, demostré lo que doy 
Gracias a Jesús Cristo, siempre tengo el control 
Ya lo ves, no sabes, tienes que entender 
La cuidad viene dura, ya ves con Wyclef 

[Samples from beginning]