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Artist: Wyclef Jean f/ T.I.
Album:  Carnival Vol. II - Memoirs of an Immigrant
Song:   Slow Down
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[Wyclef Jean] + (T.I.)
Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one
We cry for peace (uh-huh) but we live for war
(You know I got that chopper in the Chevy, what it is?)
We ain't start the wiretaps, down in Baltimore
(But I'm still slangin bricks where I live)
Sometimes she love me, sometimes she love me not
(Doin ten, now my girl turnin tricks at the crib)
Bullet take out those eyes, when they in the city Chi'
(Lay it down ASAP or e'rybody gettin killed)
Evil lurks, in the heavenly disguise
(Tryin to get the root of all evil, 'bout a mill')
I seen two birds, crash into two New York giants
(Bush still lyin, he don't never keep it real)
I wish Katrina spoke French at the Quarter to New Orleans
(Haha, what you'da told her daddy?)
I woulda spoke French back, seduced her stoned (okay)
Told her "Je t'aime!", please don't rain on my people~!

[Chorus: Wyclef Jean] + (T.I.)
Where'd the hope go? Where'd the hope go (I don't know)
I seen the whole world turn into a war zone (what?)
Ain't no love in the city keep your vest on (that right)
Guns 'n Roses, "Welcome to the Jungle"
On the flip side (ay) she shakin her back side (shake it for me)
That's the only way tuition gon' come right
He got a crush on Mary Jean (ay, ay)
Unless you got five on she ain't doin her thang
(Come on, you know you need to)
Slow dowwwwwww-owww-owww-owwwwwn, young girl
Keep it real hon, got to keep it real hon
Unless she slow down, somebody gon' crash
(Come on, you know you need to)
Slow dowwwwwww-owww-owww-owwwwwn, young girl
Keep it real hon, got to keep it real hon (Ay ay, you know we used to)
(You know we used to, ay ay ay ay ay)
Unless she slow down, somebody gon' crash (okay)

[Wyclef Jean] + (T.I.)
If you livin in the street, you know you livin free
(And if you ain't you doin time like me)
Thugs with the heat, are the coldest ones to meet
(And you can catch yourself a case and get a five)
We flyin high, but still can't touch the sky
(But on conspiracy you doin ten at the least)
Everbody's a gangster, but nobody wanna die
(With all this snitchin you might never see the streets)
Nuclear testin, replacin the SAT's
(With all this goin on, why they worried 'bout me?)
Stem cell research, there's another you, another me
(I'm just hustlin in the streets tryin to flip a couple ki's)
What goes up must come down, the laws of gravity
(I know I seen it happen to my partner Big Neesh)
(We miss you shorty!) To win at chess
You've got to trap the king


[T.I.] + (Wyclef Jean)
E'rybody know we gon keep rollin when the police rollin
And your coke dealer told 'em what you doin
Boy you better slow down, ay, ay, slow down, ay
You wanna show 'em that the dope keep comin
But these sheep keep runnin they mouth
They'll have you stuntin jacker comin
Boy you better slow down, ay, ay, e'rytime homeboy
Slow down, start snitchin, ay, ay, homebwoi
Hey I remember get money, all we did was get money
'Til the feds raided the trap and they took my (thang) from me
Put me in a room alone, separated the click from me
Next thing you my lawyer said (my partner snitched on me)
Now ain't that a bitch homey? (They ain't had a thing) on us
Until you started tellin, now they talkin big numbers
We coulda split charges up, missed five or six summers
Instead you tryin to talk, tellin so you can walk
How could you tell 'em who we sold told to? E'rything we bought?
How we used to get in all the way 'til we can ship it off?
(Who woulda thought?) Hey, hey keep it pimpin, wait a minute
(Whoahhhh!) Hey, hey hey keep it pimpin, wait a minute, ay


[Wyclef Jean]
I'ma let my guitar do the talkin now, okay?
{*guitar plays to fade*}