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Artist: Wu-Syndicate f/ Raekwon
Album:  The Syndicate Is Back
Song:   Wig Splash
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yo, Yo, What the fuck is goin on niggas
Word up, We comin for all them fuck bets man

[Chorus 2X: Raekwon]
You wig splashed frontin, I know the science
You can't con a convict, Watch niggas
Rock all around the clock with it
Post it up on these grounds
We block niggas don't fuck around

I dropped lines that became a motherfuckin anthem
Blood shed, Gloatin for the Phantom
The arms dangle off the stretcher
Oxygen masks's worthless for real
Done deal, It's closed curtain
The barrel of my gun still smoke'n
Niggas be frontin like they G'd down Wu, Stop joke'n
Welcome to the state called crime
Ground call Syndicate, Fat whips and long clip
When this cat spit it's on bitch
Nigga I'm dangerous as fuck
Profane languages, My slang ya get touched
And barrels where sick niggas serve powder
Now um, Spent they whole live in cells, Never turn coward
Black clouds shade on the city
Beware the Phantom loose, No block is bulletproof
Slugs tumble'n from metal bananas
Burners we slant em, Scarface Tony Montana's


[Joe Mafia]
Ratchet's get to clackin
Yellow tape'n numbers on the asphalt
Mom's cryin, The silence is beaten
Little kids stay in the crib, It's hotter then a motherfucker
Homicide rugged still dumpin with some head bustas
Bandana swagger, Them hammers will melt your bones, It's on
The scent of death is in the air, It's block war
I aint over reckless I'm grantin niggas a death wish
Get X'd, Watch your movements, We aint cool bitch, Nah
This aint checkers it's chess, Checkmate, Inspect pase'n
No safety, Paint up your rest, I aint got no patience
Splack your asshole, Some motion picture, Goul's affliction
Niggas tied in on some mob shit, My goons'll get ya
Cats gettin too loose, Set examples
Shoot the shit out that man right there
And let yall faggot niggas know we aint the one to cross
We boss, Don't get it twisted
Get your kick and your hardware yall fuck niggas


I seen it calm before, Lying on the floor
Paramedics tryin but he expired for sure
Fuckin with the wrong cats done it
Wave you outta your place
Damn he thirteen, Handed rattle snakes
Layin in the jungles of concrete
Waitin on the next victim
Fuck rap, Macks and techs spittin
Hatch in the back in the Lex liftin
Forever Mya reppin for projects and prisons
Poppin seven hundred dollar bottles of Coogi White
The champagne cost a fortune
Sky's the limit when we celebrate
Ties with killers, Niggas sellin cake
Jewels, Bananas come'n out of Jake
Even though we stay fly, Nothin sweet but the cologne
We marry the streets in holy matrimone
Never take this ring off my finger
The block'll get jealous of course
Now I'm smile'n at your corpse